wow, plastic found in fish that we’re eating. how shocking.

lots of unhappy news lately, it seems.

i just read a CBC news article that says tiny pieces of plastic are now being found in supermarket fish and shellfish. isn’t this something that i’ve bitched about many times on here already? why, yes. yes it is.

the article states that plastics aren’t just being found in fishes guts so it’s not like you can just gut them and be done with it. the plastics are being found throughout their tissues — which means eating fish means eating plastic.

what’s even worse is that microplastics absorb or carry organic contaminants, such as PCBs, pesticides, flame retardants and hormone-disrupting compounds of many kinds. so now you’re eating plastic that is tainted with poison. double bad.

however, the article goes on to say that we really don’t know what this all means, whether it’s really that bad. one scientist says, “what we really need to do is a risk assessment … nobody has done that for microplastics.”

ok, sure. so we don’t know exactly what we’re going to find at the end of a 10- or 20-year study on individuals who eat fish full of plastic twice a week. we don’t know exactly how much more cancer those people are going to have compared to people who didn’t eat the plastic fish. but let’s use some common sense here. what else would anyone expect from eating tiny bits of stuff made from toxic chemicals and petroleum products — things already known to be carcinogenic? come on. use your head.

when we’re all sick and feeling like shit, slowly dying from cancer caused by years of eating plastic, i’m going to be breathlessly moan, “i told you so.”


“i win.”


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