trigger happy

*trigger alert: this blog entry is critical of the term ‘trigger,’ its overuse, and the big fucking baby society we live in that wants warnings before they hear about anything at all. crybabies may require lifelong counseling or at least a few minutes with their soother afterward to feel better.*

i’m sick of hearing everyone warn me about potential ‘triggers’ lately. email newsletters i receive, news articles online, and even a course i had to take for work last week are all preceded by trigger alerts in the last month. i think it’s ridiculous because guess what, anything can be traumatizing or disturbing to anyone. maybe i had a bad experience with a stapler as a child. does that mean we should legislate mandatory warnings be printed on staplers? get real. potential for uncomfortable, awkward, or difficult moments exists literally everywhere — fashion, movies, comedy, casual conversations, shapes in the clouds, the expression on a stranger’s face, etc — and trying to neutralize all of those moments is over-the-top foolish and ludicrous.

additionally, i feel that the overuse of the term is reminiscent of other word trends that i’ve complained about before. it seems like a few people started this nauseating trend, a bunch of other people noticed it and thought, “oh that so ultra sensitive and caring, i’m going to start doing it too,” and suddenly every jackoff on facebook is putting trigger alerts even on the inane food pictures they’re posting.


trigger alert – this image may offend or disturb individuals with anorexia, bulimia, wheat sensitivities, people on diets, people who are hungry, people who aren’t hungry, people suffering from gout, and horrible wimps in general.

well, as i’ve said before, i hate word trends, especially when they cater to unrealistic, crybaby values that encourage people to be even more thin-skinned and pathetic than they already are.

why is north america so fucking feeble lately? boy, we really could use a good armageddon these days.


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