no electoral reform in canada after all: typical politician bullshit from trudeau.

i was really pumped when the liberals won a majority government in the last election because justin trudeau had said that election would be the last one under the ‘first past the post’ system. i have been a big supporter of proportional representation for years because while i recognize that i’m a ‘fringe’ voter, i don’t believe that means that my opinion shouldn’t count. fringe voters still make up a good chunk of the population so why shouldn’t they take up a proportionate amount of seats in the house of parliament?

but it didn’t take long for trudeau to start toning down his speech and pumping his brakes on the whole electoral reform thing, sidestepping questions about the issue. then a few weeks ago, he said he “wasn’t sure if electoral reform was right for canada.” awful funny that he’d say that only after he made bold claims to the contrary to help get himself fucking elected. typical lying politician scum.

now trudeau is saying he has backed away from electoral reform over fear of extremist groups like white nationalists and white supremacists getting a foothold in our government. that’s just a baseless scare tactic to make the uninformed public associate electoral reform with extremism, terrorism. many other countries around the world — including most of the countries that have a higher standard of living than canada — use proportional representation, and you sure don’t hear about their burgeoning white supremacist governments. and what’s more, with our current first past the post system, we just had an extremist government for 8 years with harper’s conservatives. and the same system in the US just got donald trump elected. so don’t tell me that proportional representation is for radicals while the first past the post system keeps extremists out of power. that’s bullshit.

this quote from a senior liberal really kills me too, it’s so asinine:

“…the more [trudeau] thought about proportional representation, the more he thought it was exactly the wrong system for a big, regionally and culturally diverse country.”

that’s totally backwards. if a country is culturally diverse, you WANT proportional representation so that all those different cultures are adequately represented. holy fuck, this is is so incredibly stupid.

trudeau himself just said this regarding his about-face on the topic:

“The fact of the matter is that I am not going to do something that is wrong for Canadians just to tick off a box on an electoral platform…”

that’s a flimsy excuse that any and every politician could use, and likely has, whenever they break election promises. “i thought it was good then, but now i see it’s actually not.” if it’s wrong for canada now, why did trudeau think it was so right for canada before he got elected? i guess he didn’t know the first fucking thing about it when he was talking about it back on the election trail. if he didn’t know what he was talking about, he shouldn’t have made such big promises about it.

the worst part about all of this is that we have no recourse. think about it like this: if i called a plumber to fix a leak and they said “sure i can fix it, i’ll be right over,” but then they showed up and said they weren’t going to fix that leak, i would fire them — i hired them to do a specific task they said they would do, but now they say they’re not going to do it, so end of story. they’re gone, fired. why is it any different with elected officials? why is there no way to assure accountability in government? this is a massive flaw in politics. greasy, opportunistic sons of bitches need to be held accountable for their lies.

trudeau and his government should get the fucking boot, as far as i’m concerned.


send him packing and wipe that smug, smarmy look off his face.


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