biopics suck

a co-worker is watching some biopic about jimi hendrix right now and it’s fucking annoying. i was just talking about this with dana the other day, how i hate dramatizations or ‘interpretations’ of how real events occurred. i mean, there is only a small number of people who were there to witness hendrix on his rise to fame and his relationship with his girlfriend, but he was a big star so all that stuff has been documented by friends and associates, then reinterpreted by historians and enthusiasts, and on and on until some dumb fuck decides to make a shitty movie about it. and then we have actors playing out many famous scenes and interactions between people, which are all just further interpretations. and each interpretation is just another step further away from the truth.

the process that the truth goes through before it becomes a biopic is like the telephone game that kids play where they sit in a circle and one kid whispers something in the ear of the kid sitting next to them. the second kid does the same to the next kid, and on and on until the initial message gets back to the kid that started it. at that point, that kid announces that the message he received is nothing like what he said at the start of the game, and all the filthy little monsters all howl with laughter.

except i’m not laughing.


“this game makes me feel isolated and alienated by illustrating how hopeless true communication between human beings is. can we play ‘spin the bottle’ instead?”

of course, i realize it can be argued that the people making biopics aren’t trying to accurately document history, that their intent is to tell a story in an entertaining way. well, i don’t give a fuck about that. fuck entertainment. i want truth.

all i can do when watching biopics or any other ‘based on a true story’ stuff is remind myself the whole time that everything i’m watching is probably completely, entirely, totally different than what actually happened — the truth is probably a lot less showy and dramatic. or i can do like i am right now and just ignore the piece of shit, instead spending the time writing about how much i hate such junk.


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