wishing for human extinction (again)

this photo just won first prize in the world press photo contest, and it simultaneously breaks my heart and makes me want to nuke the human race off the face of this fucking planet. we are so careless and destructive, and no one seems to give a shit.


if that was a human being trapped in a net, there would be all sorts of global outrage, then the person would be freed and honoured as a hero, then they would become a diplomat or dignitary, then they would make presentations and speak to the UN about blah blah blah. in short, we’d make a big fucking deal out of it if this was a person.

but because it’s just some lowly non-human, this photo will pass without much of a murmur.

that doesn’t make sense to me.

i want to remember moments like this, times when i hate the human race the most, so that i won’t feel so sad about watching us kill ourselves over the coming years. we deserve it. when the day comes that everyone starts dropping like flies, choking on smog and cancers and killing each other for usable land and water, i want to think about this photo, smile, and say to myself, “our race deserves as slow and agonizing a death as possible for all the suffering and destruction we’ve thoughtlessly caused the rest of the planet — this is right, this is fair. there is justice and balance in the universe after all. hallelujah.”


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