no purpose to my premonitions, i think.

i recently wrote about some premonitions i have experienced. i’ve had one more since then, and dana also experienced the same thing too — a very specific thought popping into his mind out of nowhere, fixating on it for no good apparent reason, and then coming across that specific thing shortly after. so i’ve been thinking more about why it’s happening.

at first, i found myself wondering what the purpose of the premonitions were. i wondered if each one had a particular significance, despite some of them seeming ridiculously trivial. but at this point, i don’t think they are happening for any grand reason. i don’t think that there is some force that is trying to communicate with me or anything like that. i think that yes, i am experiencing some weird premonition shit, but i don’t think it’s occurring for any greater purpose. i think that there is probably just some really weird cerebral stuff going on that i don’t understand. like the crazy instincts some animals have that we aren’t able to explain: how salmon are able to find their way back to their place of birth so that they can give birth to another generation, or how sea turtles are born on the beach and know that they have to hustle down to the ocean, pronto, or die. animals aren’t taught a lot of this stuff by their parents. they just know it innately, and as far as i know we still don’t have any definite explanations for how that works. we call it ‘instinct’ and stop marveling at it but when you really think about it, it’s incredible. it seems to indicate some kind of genetic memory that is passed down through a species — crazy shit.

i’m quickly getting off topic. my point is that there is much about the world we still don’t understand, and i think that premonitions like the ones i’ve been experiencing could be one of those things. cripes, maybe it’s some kind of ‘infinite dimensions and timelines existing simultaneously’/string theory things. i don’t know, i’m completely ignorant about that stuff. but i do know that i have been experiencing some weird stuff that is really neat but hasn’t pointed to any grand scheme or anything yet.

which is fine. the fact that something cool and weird is consistently happening to me lately is exciting just in itself. i like feeling wonder and excitement.


One thought on “no purpose to my premonitions, i think.

  1. Hi David. You should look up epigenetics & maybe even its links to reincarnation and “the unexplained” (oooooOOOOOoooh – ha) – some interesting stuff there, somewhat related to instinct, etc.

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