the story of OJ: just another star driven insane by his own celebrity status, and a justice system that can’t get it right even once

jenn and i finished watching the documentary series, OJ: made in america, last night. it was really good. i can’t stop thinking about a lot of different aspects of OJ and his story so i want to write them down here.

  • i think the biggest underlying issue and cause of most of OJ’s problems is that he has been completely warped by his celebrity status, similar to other mega stars like michael jackson and britney spears. when you’re a massive star and everyone loves you and kisses your ass for most of your life, it eventually gives you a skewed perception of what the real world is like, what is acceptable, what is normal, and that typically leads to big problems.
  • that aside, OJ sure is one corny, phony dude. at every stage of his life, he comes across as a total weirdo and sociopath whenever he speaks. i can’t believe anyone ever trusted him.
  • i am incredulous that OJ was found not guilty in criminal court of killing nicole simpson and ron goldman. i also think it was despicable that despite being found guilty in civil court, OJ found ways to avoid paying the $33 million he was ordered to by the court. however, i find it no less appalling that OJ was sentenced to 33 years in prison for the armed robbery and ‘kidnapping’ (which is a real stretch to call it) that occurred in vegas in 2007 that no one else would be given such a stiff sentence for. the judge basically said, “i don’t think you were punished enough back then so i’m going overboard on punishing you now,” and that’s not how the justice system is supposed to work. the judge should have respected the outcomes of those other trials and only punished him accordingly for the charges at hand. it’s a case of a judge holding a grudge, which is terrifying since it equates to institutionalized powertripping.
  • in a sense though, the whole debacle is so perfectly hollywood. if someone wrote the same story as fiction it would seem silly and unrealistic, so the fact it really occurred speaks volumes to me about how fucked up hollywood, star culture, the media, and the justice system are. and if all those things are fucked up, it’s inherent and deserving that they end up with a fucked up result. what more can anyone expect? shit in, shit out. so it doesn’t really matter whether OJ is acquitted of murder or gets hammered for a relatively minor incident. it’s all absurd theater, created for and by absurd people. people with any sense should only view it from a safe distance.
  • the goldman family basically became obsessed with OJ and doing everything in their power to totally destroy him after their son’s murder. i can understand wishing offhandedly for that sort of thing but to dedicate your life to it is another thing. that’s a massive investment in hatred and negativity, and it’s more than even i can stomach. so they’re super fucked up too.
  • i hate how OJ constantly says that he has always been kind and generous to other people so he wishes people would show him the same respect and courtesy — as if being polite means everyone should look the other way when he does something heinous and horrible, like beating his wife, murdering her and another person, never admitting it, joking about it, refusing to follow court orders, etc.
  • the path OJ’s life took from start till now is insane. it’s so full of crazy highs and lows. kid from the projects –> excels at football, makes it big –> expands his popularity and moves into other other forms of entertainment –> largely abandons black culture/is embraced by white culture –> becomes violent at home with his wife, eventually kills her –> avoids jail time but is on the hook for $33 million –> falls from grace, loses home, moves to florida and makes a living signing autographs like the sad old wash-up he is –> starts hanging out with dubious characters and getting really seedy –> gets busted in vegas trying to steal OJ memorabilia from a dealer, does a terrible job in court of pretending he is remorseful and didn’t realize he was breaking the law, and finally ends up in jail.

OJ is a real living american freak show. i bet his first wife is glad as all hell they split when they did. she got out just before he started to self-destruct.

O.J. Simpson and his Daughter Arnelle

what a sad waste of a potentially good life.


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