expiry date on humour

lately i’ve been thinking about how there is lots of stuff my friends and i joke about that we eventually won’t be able to. take cancer, for example. no one in my friend circle has died from cancer, or gone through the ordeals of chemotherapy and radiation, so we can still make jokes about getting tyrone to check my prostate and whatnot. but it’s basically inevitable that at some point, one of our friends is going to get very sick and possibly die from cancer, and we won’t be able to make those jokes after that. if someone does, there’s going to be an air of awkwardness and maybe a cough or two before the person making the joke realizes their faux pas and apologizes like crazy. but it won’t be able to undo the unpleasant reminder that one of our good friends is dead or dying from an insidious disease, and the night will be ruined.

this applies to a ton of different things we currently joke about so i worry that as time goes on, there will be less and less things we can still laugh at. eventually, we’ll all end up just standing around mutely, trying to figure out what we can say without offending each other.

what a depressing thought.


“i don’t even know why we bother hanging out anymore.”


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