“i’m scared” is not a viable excuse for running from the police.

for no particular reason today, i started thinking about jon jones and one of his run-ins with the law — the one where he ran a red light while driving under the influence, t-boned and injured a pregnant woman in another vehicle, fled the scene, called his lawyer and hid in a hotel room until the drugs and alcohol wore off, and then turned himself in. when asked why did fled the scene in the first place and why it took him so long to turn himself in, his excuse was that he “was scared.”

jenn used to be obsessed with the reality show, COPS, so we watched the first 20 seasons back to back. and guess what virtually every suspect said when asked why they had tried to get away from the police — they were all scared. it’s a fucking national phenomenon.

that’s bullshit. everyone is scared when they mess up bad, but that doesn’t make it ok to run away from accepting responsibility for their actions. and besides, anyone with a brain should realize that a person saying they were scared is a coward’s attempt to elicit sympathy while also passive aggressively denying guilt. it’s another way of saying “i wasn’t thinking rationally at the time so i really didn’t do anything wrong. i can’t be blamed for trying to evade the police.”

fuck that. innocent people don’t run from police because they’re scared. guilty people run from police, and they do it because they think they have a chance to get away and not get punished. and worst case scenario, they know they can fall back on the “i was scared” line to at least partially bail themselves out later. well, i have no patience for it. i think it’s an outright lie and an attempt to manipulate the system.

break out the bamboo and lash the cowards. extra lashings for anyone claiming they were scared.


this would be an appropriate time to be scared.



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