organic food shouldn’t be considered special. instead, cheap food made with harmful chemicals should be considered shitty.

over the last several months, i’ve been buying more and more organic groceries. i feel good about voting with my wallet, doing my small part to support things i believe in.

but this morning, it occurred to me that it’s fucking absurd that organic food is labelled as such. natural, healthy food shouldn’t be a bonus or something special. that should be the norm. it’s all the cheap shit that is made with hormones, steroids, pesticides, and other weird chemicals that should have warnings on them. they should have big labels on those products listing all the chemicals that have gone into making that product so that average schlubs who have hitherto never given a thought to this stuff can quickly learn why their no-name brand corn is so incredibly cheap — it’s easy to grow tons of crops when you spray it with toxic pesticides and overuse fertilizers that end up washed into the ocean and create toxic algae blooms.


it’s perfectly fine to eat. just don’t think about it.

it should be the duty of the companies using harmful farming techniques to inform their customers of the destructive processes that go into making cheap products, and their products should be openly advertised as sub-standard. it’s backwards that shit that is grown normally is considered special and marketed as healthy.

what a fucked up world.


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