rise of the polarized

lately, it seems like most political news is virtually the same, even in different countries around the world. it’s basically this: donald trump (or a pale trump impersonation) pops up in a country and makes bold claims; just under half of the country gets pumped up about his rhetoric; the other half rails against it.

i can even specify some of the bold claims made by trump and his sad wannabe counterparts: “ban muslims,” “fake news,” “rigged voting.” besides trump himself, canadian federal conservative hopeful kevin o’leary, canadian conservative senator lynn beyak, and dutch far-right politican geert wilders have said this stuff in the last week.

i’m not a trump fan — make no mistake, i was disappointed when he was elected president (but i would also have been disappointed with clinton so whatever) — but i’m also not convinced trump is the hitler incarnate people keep claiming he is. so what actually bothers me the most about all the trump clones popping up now is how pathetic and small they are. they were all too chickenshit to say this stuff until someone — an american — said it first. or maybe they just see how successful trump has been because of his outrageous claims and are trying to ride his coat tails.

either way, i think it’s so sad and typical that a big, brash american had to do it first before a politicians in other countries started jumping on the bandwagon and shamelessly copying him. what a bunch of wimps. how can anyone believe these wannabes are legit in their claims when they only started saying this stuff after their big american brother said it first? it just exposes them as second-rate weaklings, too timid to speak unless the big dog says it first.

the US runs the global show, and this is just a small example of it. the aforementioned political lightweights, and anyone else who simpers and fawns in hopes that the mighty US will take notice and hold them in good favour once they eventually rule the entire world, are spineless shills.

the flip side of this topic is that i’m equally annoyed by the PC wimps who are trying to coin terms like “trumpism” and circulating silly petitions telling trump that they won’t trade their hope for his hate, or some other lame tagline. it’s like they expect some sort of “the grinch’s heart grew three sizes” moment. get a grip. trump knows half his country (and a bunch of the world) hates him, and he doesn’t care. that’s a big part of why he’s so successful with the other half of his country. so why would he suddenly start caring when someone presents a petition to him?


not gonna happen.

on the bright side, i like how the tone of global politics seems to be reaching a crashing crescendo. it makes me feel like we’re on the verge of a very important part of human history. between the rise of ISIS in the east, the mass exodus of muslims into the rest of the world, the polarized pro- and anti-muslim immigration responses, it feels like we’re closer than ever to large scale riots or civil war.

which i’m a-ok with.

Britain Student Protest



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