there’s a distinct lack of quality in hateful, misanthropic metal.

i’ve been on a real binge in the last few weeks, listening to every metal album that espouses hatred for mankind and life in general, but they have all sucked so far. they all promise big with great band names, brutal and depressing song and album titles, and unsettling greyscale cover art…but when it comes time to deliver the actual product, they all fall short. it stinks.

like this:

and this:

and this:

and this:

none of the above bands or records are terrible, but none of them are notable either. each one i listened to was like, meh. i don’t even remember what each one sounded like.

what i do remember is being disappointed by each one for the lack of dynamics, textures, and/or dimensions; the lack of hooks (ie memorable parts); and a lack of overall professionalism. for the most part, the music in the above links is generally just flat and monotonous. it’s boring. and when they do occasionally find some neat textures, they don’t do anything with them. it’s just like, “that’s sort of a neat sound…huh, i guess they’re not going to do anything cool with it…and i guess they’re just going to keep under-utilizing it for the next 3 minutes…”

for a serially hateful, depressed SOB like myself, this is really frustrating. i want to find music that matches my miserable outlook, but that doesn’t mean i want to listen to mediocre shit. vile, dismal art doesn’t have to be lazy, droning, unimaginative, or unprofessional — quality songwriting and bleak art are not mutually exclusive.

i think part of the problem is there really aren’t that many artists exploring this realm. i think that for every 20 artists in any given genre, 19 are going to suck, and there are probably only 19 bands or artists doing what i’m looking for right now. so maybe in 10 years when a few more have joined the glum fray, i’ll be able to find a few i actually like.

there are two things i want to say before i end this post: the first is that the bands akercocke and voices both pull off what i’m looking for, and they do it splendidly. so there are a few out there. i’m just annoyed that i seem to have already found all the good ones.

the other thing is that as much as i’m pissing on a bunch of obscure artists, i still want to give them kudos for making art that appeals to such a tiny audience. they are obviously doing it because they love it, and i think that’s the only viable reason to make any art at all. whether i like it or not should mean nothing to anyone but me.


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