light in reverse

the BC provincial election is quickly approaching so lately, i’ve found myself thinking about what issues are important to me, and how no single party represents me very well.

for instance, the environment is far and away the biggest issue i care about. next on my list is corporate and government accountability. next is probably penal system reform. i’m also not very supportive of social welfare and affordable housing programs. considering these things, i’m clearlyyyyy…

far left, and far right?

which is fine. i’m comfortable voting green because like i said, the environment is my biggest concern and the rest is just details, but i sure wouldn’t mind having a party that echoed ALL of my sentiments.

which leads me to another complaint. i think it’s dumb when people take party affiliation super seriously, and say stuff like “i’m going to vote liberal until the day i die, and every conservative voter out there is a certified shit head.” because like i just described, one party’s platform does not capture all of my concerns, and i’d be surprised if any one party captured all of ANYBODY’S concerns. anyone who says that kind of stuff or similarly spouts lifelong allegiance to a party is kidding themselves. they obviously just want to belong to a club. it’s pathetic and childish. it reminds me of high school football team rivalries.


“we’re awesome! everyone else sucks!”

except this isn’t a kid’s game. this is the stuff that shapes our day to day lives. so people should be less dogmatic about their ‘teams’ and more thoughtful about what issues are actually important to them.


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