go to hell. meet me there.

i was supposed to have this weekend off.

i was looking forward to a quiet weekend at home, training our new dog, playing bass, and watching UFC. but this morning i woke up to find a bunch of missed calls from work on my phone. it turns out that some jerk “hurt their neck” at 1 am on a friday night and wouldn’t be able to work on saturday morning. bull fucking shit. more like someone was out late, most likely partying, and didn’t want to get up early and come to work hung over.

but that sort of poor planning and cowardly lying is beside the point. my point is that work asked me to come in and i didn’t want to but i did anyway. not because i have any sort of pride in or dedication to my employer though. i think that is the wrong reason to make sacrifices for work because, in my experience, most employers will not make the same sacrifices for you. and they will not remember those times you gave up shit to keep the ship afloat. in the end, you will only end up bitter at the short memories and lack of gratitude. i’m bitter enough as it is so i don’t need to keep feeding that fire.

so when i decided to come into work today, it was not because of loyalty to my career or my employer. whatever. i have no romanticized notions of workplace heroics. this job is just something i do so i can afford to keep living. the reason i can came to work today was solely to help out my co-workers who i know will remember this and appreciate it. i like (most) of my co-workers and they do the same for me in similar situations so when i think about it that way, i don’t mind.

but man, i can’t wait to retire. working sucks. there are so many other more pleasant things i’d rather be doing.


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