i’m consistent

jenn and i watched david lynch’s blue velvet a few nights ago. i watched it way back when i was 19 or so, long before i became a fan of lynch’s work. back then, i wasn’t that into the film. i had heard lots about it and wanted to see what the buzz was about but i thought most of it was pretty boring and senseless.

since becoming familiar with lynch’s style and generally loving it, i’ve been meaning to re-watch blue velvet to see what i missed that first time. but the second time around, almost 20 years later, i still feel exactly the same about it. i thought a few parts were neat but it largely seemed unfocused and incohesive, like a whole bunch of relevant scenes were missing. and despite all the acclaim, i think dennis hopper is pretty lousy as frank. a few of his lines are delivered well but most just sound like he’s trying really hard to fit “fuck” into every sentence. plus the part where he dry humps dorothy is really stupid. i mean, he gets high and turbo horny and starts beating and molesting her…then dry humps her and acts like he just had an orgasm? are we supposed to assume he came in his pants, that he doesn’t actually need his dick stimulated to cum? i found that really annoying.

anyway, my point is that even after becoming a huge lynch fan and coming to appreciate more subtle, abstract, and artsy films, i still agree with my 19 yr old self: i still don’t like blue velvet. and that’s interesting. i like that i can still relate to my young self, that i still respect that person’s taste, that i can mostly rely on things i thought or felt even 20 years ago. i like me, even the much younger version that i’m sometimes dubious about.

of note is that i can only immediately recall two pieces of art that i have changed my mind on: the entombed album clandestine, and the sepultura album beneath the remains. these are both records i had when i was about 14 but neither of them did much for me. at ben’s request a few years ago, i revisited them and was amazed to find that they are both actually fucking wicked. i remember that i didn’t like fast drum beats back then because i found them confusing — i couldn’t find the down beat, the “1”, the odd numbered beats, however you want to describe it, so all the parts with those beats were lost on me. now i understand those beats and love em, so i guess that was just a case of me being too dumb to appreciate those parts back then. now i can, and my life is richer for it. so thanks for making me reconsider them, benny.


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