spleen and ideal

since my post about politics and the grossly generalized political spectrum that we hopelessly attempt to place everyone on, i’ve been thinking about this topic more. on my dog walk this morning, i thought: if i’m far right AND far left, does that mean i’m a fascist?

which is a fucking stupid thing to think.

so i thought, no, i’m definitely not a fascist. and i’m not an anarchist, although i love flirting with the notion.

what i eventually decided was that i’m a hopeless idealist. i want everyone — government, corporations, individuals, the whole bloody lot — to willfully do what is right for the entire planet, and to admit it and hold themselves accountable when they fuck up. that’s the idealist part. the hopeless part is that if things aren’t going to work that way, if the world is not going to operate in total harmony, then i throw my hands up and say “fuck it” and wish nuclear war, a new plague, or some divine rapture would annihilate the human race or at least kill most of us, destroy the various human hierarchies we currently know, and position us somewhere on the food chain other than the top.

regardless of how unattainable my wishes are, i still like the idealist aspect. we should always strive for the best. and while i’m not proud of the hopeless part, i think it’s a reasonable reaction to the utter disappointment mankind is to me. so while i’m certainly extreme, i don’t think i’m out to lunch here.


“this all checks out. nothing wrong here.”


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