the lowest, and the common denominator.

last night at work sucked shit. i hated everyone i dealt with and thought they were almost universally scum. but today, i realized that such clientele at work is not unusual, and dealing with them doesn’t usually affect me so much. so i was forced to recognize that i was the common denominator, and thus the likely problem — not them. that’s ok, i was running on zero sleep and had a painful load of diarrhea percolating deep within my rotten bowels all night so i can forgive myself one shift of greater moodiness than usual.

similarly, i had recently been contemplating writing a blog post about a co-worker who was telling me about their other job and how he/she has had problems with numerous co-workers over there. they described to me how lazy, stupid, inattentive, petty, argumentative, childish, etc everyone else at that job was. conversely, my co-worker seemed to think they had it all figured out. while they were telling me this, i thought, you’re the common denominator among all these tales of bullshit. you’re probably the real problem.

so i thought it was funny that just when i was about to rail on this complainer, i did the same dumb thing without realizing it until well after the fact.

i don’t feel too bad about it though. i maintain that the people i was dealing with sucked, and i think anyone battling diarrhea and zero sleep would be just as irritable as i was. i did ok considering the circumstances. i’m not gonna beat myself up over it. just live and learn, that’s all.


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