prosthetic good looks

yesterday i saw a lot of physically revolting people in duncan — giant obese people, short ugly troll people, white trash with pants falling halfway down their asses, mouth breathers, etc. you name the gross appearance and i guarantee you they were represented yesterday.

ugly people are nothing new, of course. what struck me about them yesterday was that a lot of the ugly people i saw were driving shiny, brand new vehicles. it looked to me like they were using flashy vehicles to compensate for their hideous appearances, as if a 2017 ford pickup could make up for their 6 chins and dirty old ill-fitting jeans.

well, i for one don’t think anything can make up for being a gross person. the only remedy for a revolting appearance is to get some fucking exercise, eat halfway healthy, and look after yourself. no luxurious vehicle can make you look better once you step out from behind its heavily tinted windows. the same goes for fancy clothes, expensive haircuts, sassy “i’m hot” attitudes, whatever — it’s all just polishing a turd. peel that stuff away and you’ve still got a gross slob.

and a delusional slob, at that.


it wasn’t hard to find an image that captured this message. go figure.



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