why does natural deodorant make me stink so bad?

*edit* about 6 months after i wrote this, a friend turned me on to a new natural deodorant that actually works on my gross body. i wrote about that deodorant here.

i’ve been trying all kinds of natural deodorants for years but they’re all terrible. tom’s of maine, geo deo, some weird crystal thing jenn got me, and several others, but every one of them makes me stink even worse than if i don’t wear any deodorant at all. wtf?

it sucks because i don’t want to wear the chemical stuff if i can avoid it, but i’m naturally a stinky guy and i’m paranoid about stinking so the natural stuff just isn’t a viable option for me so far. so i’m back on the wagon, smearing heavy metals in my armpits each morning.

what the hell is wrong with natural deodorants? why are they all so lousy? why do they make me smell worse than usual?

most importantly — is it me? do natural deodorants work fine for everyone else? maybe my stench is just too powerful for natural treatments. maybe i’m just a powerfully smelly guy.


self portrait


2 thoughts on “why does natural deodorant make me stink so bad?

  1. Completely agree!! The only one I have ever found that works is one called “napolean’s dynamite” I think remedy is the brand it is 29.99 at pharmasave…besides the price it is a pain as it is a lotion you have to apply with your hands. Smells good though!

    1. golda, welcome! so glad you can finally comment here!

      shit, that’s steep for deodorant. i’ll give it a sniff if i come across it though and see what i think. ben just told me he has the same problem with natural toothpastes, that they all leave his mouth feeling like dirt. i haven’t used any natural toothpaste in years due to my pathetic sensitive gums but i’m curious if you’ve fucked around with the stuff, and if there’s any of those you like.

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