we get what we deserve, and that’s usually shit.

bill and i have been chatting a bunch about the BC provincial election that we voted in earlier this week. we’ve been talking about how the liberals are corrupt and basically run by big businesses, and the NDP is corrupt and basically run by big unions, but those are the two main parties that most people vote for here in BC anyway. that really bothers me but i’ve had a recurring thought come to mind a lot lately: if most people keep voting for shitty politicians, then i guess we deserve them. if the general public tend to make poor choices, we deserve poor outcomes. it makes sense.

the same thing applies to my work situation. recently there was some grass roots action by some of my co-workers to improve things, which i was happy to take part in. unfortunately, too few of us put the effort in so the campaign fell short. it sucked. i was disappointed and angry at the co-workers who didn’t give a shit enough to put any effort in, even though it would have directly benefited them. then i remembered: if the majority of my co-workers don’t care enough to improve our situation, then i guess we deserve to be stuck with the current shitty situation. if most of us are too lazy, uninformed, unmotivated, or whatever else to do anything about it, then no, we shouldn’t have our situation improved. as a whole, we don’t deserve it.

this idea of deserving shitty outcomes applies to virtually every disappointing situation i come across. if people don’t demand better, we don’t deserve better. it still sucks to feel like my best attempts at improving things aren’t good enough, and it sucks to fail at motivating other people to care more about things that affect them, but at least i can sleep at night knowing that i’m making efforts to create a positive change.

when the whole world goes to shit, at least i’ll know that i fought the good fight. and lost. how tragically heroic of me.


right down to the steely good looks. how uncanny.


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