“causes of chronic [diarrhea]”

i’ve noticed for a while that when i start typing something into an online search engine, the stuff it suggests to automatically finish my sentence is usually pretty funny. just now i was looking up causes of chronic tight muscles but once i got to chronic, the first suggestion was diarrhea. call me a 6 yr old but that still managed to drag a smirk out of my dusty, cracked visage.



it’s actually pretty rare i don’t enjoy the suggestions. even the most general start to a search, like “what do” comes up with “what do bonobos look like,” “what do bed bugs look like,” “what do turtles eat.” i simply can’t imagine that many people wondering about bonobos or turtle diets so those ones are surprising, and picturing nervous white trash anxiously trying to determine what sort of infestation they are dealing with cracks me up.

similarly, typing in just “does” brings up “does god exist,” “does UPS deliver on saturdays,” “does coolsculpting work,” (i’ve never heard of coolsculpting and have no idea what it is) and “does he like me quiz” — all amusing questions that tell me a lot about the general public and just what is on the mind of the average plebe.

it’s nice when something so simple and common is pleasing. it’s a refreshing change of pace and reprieve from the usual melancholy and disappointment.


that’s enough fun. back to the misery.


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