even in 2017, cavemen abound

i’ve read a few articles lately about some people involved in the mixed martial arts community that are vehemently opposed to homosexuality. one of these guys is ramzan kadyrov, who is both the leader of the russian republic of chechnya and an owner of an MMA gym and fight promotion there. his government has been condemned by the UN for allegedly kidnapping, torturing, and murdering gay men. kadyrov denies the allegations but paradoxically openly supports “honour killings” of homosexuals by their family members. he goes on to say there are no gay men in chechnya, and if there are, they should be sent to canada “to purify [chechnyan] blood.”

another chechnyan MMA promoter, mairbek khasiev, was recently quoted as saying, “sometimes the devil is afraid of the thoughts within a faggot’s head.”

i can’t believe that in this day and age, these kinds of values still exist. it makes me feel like we’re back in the middle ages and criminals are being publicly tortured and killed while throngs of civilians mad with bloodlust scream excitedly and pelt the dying with stones and rotten food. it makes me feel like humans are still the same nitwits who once believed in witchcraft and magic potions, like a lot of people are still so dumb that they react to things they don’t understand or relate to with fear, anger, and violence. think of a monkey smashing a phone in terror when it rings. that’s about on par.

what’s even worse is that i know the same ‘values’ (it seems like an oxymoron to use that word there) exist here in canada too. they are not as common and are usually veiled because the people who give such a shit about what other people do in their private lives know their opinions are not condoned here, but they’re still there, simmering just below the surface.

all over the world, human beings are just horrible. despite all our technological advancements that might suggest otherwise, the human race will probably always be guilty of incredible ignorance, stupidity, and a desire to violently force our beliefs on each other.

the funny thing is that i almost feel like a hypocrite for denigrating these folks. am i no better, judging them for their personal choices?

oh yeah, i don’t advocate anyone murdering them so i guess it’s a little different.


i wouldn’t cry if he died though.


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