used car values – throughout the ages

in 1997, i bought a 1987 dodge omni from a used car lot for $1000.

in 2001, i bought a 1989 toyota tercel from the same lot for $2800.

in 2007, i bought a 1991 VW passat from a private seller for about $2300.

in 2009, i bought a 1987 tercel privately for $800. it needed work.

in 2012, i bought a 1990 toyota corolla for $1300. it also needed work.

my point is that used cars hold their value way better now than they did when i was a kid. i mean, my first car was only 10 years old and in good shape so it was a steal at $1000 — and that was from a car lot so you know i overpaid for it. if i was to buy a 10 year old car now — a 2007 — the only way it could be so cheap would be if it was a sunfire that had been beat to shit by some scum who smoked and puked in it, drove it into walls, etc.


what a bargain!

so instead, i’m continuing to buy vehicles from the late 80’s/early 90’s, and i’m still paying the same prices for them, even 20 years later.

that’s fucked up.


5 thoughts on “used car values – throughout the ages

  1. That’s one (of many) reason that I like living in Tokyo. We have an excellent, safe, affordable, punctual public transportation system (and employers pay for commuter passes so my work commute is free).

      1. haha, i got your point but thanks regardless! i loved using public transit for the short time i lived in a city. it wasn’t as convenient as having a car but it was a lot cheaper and i didn’t have to worry about maintaining or insuring a car so i relate to what you’re saying, big time.

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