festivus was 5 days ago, and i had an absolutely fabulous time that night. i was surrounded by so many great friends both new and old that i didn’t have enough time to talk to all of them sufficiently.

but the other day, i was thinking about what a different experience festivus must have been for some of the people there. i mean, i would say i knew pretty much everyone at festivus very well, but some attendees only knew a few people there. that would make it way more work to be social and make conversation with strangers, and much less fun.

that blows my mind. it’s crazy to think that this particular night — probably one of my favourite nights of 2017 — may have been merely “meh” to a lot of other people there.

i actually hate to think of it from that perspective. i loved that night, and i don’t want to temper or taint that feeling with the knowledge it wasn’t as good for some of the other party goers. i don’t want to even be aware of that. i just want to be able to enjoy it as i experienced it. i want to be selfish about this.

on an unrelated note, riley used to tell me how he enjoyed lying to the dentist when he went in for cleanings and check-ups. he wouldn’t tell any outrageous lies, he would just alter little details about his life. for example, he would tell them he sang in a metal band when in fact he actually played keyboards in a metal band. i always thought that was fascinating. i think he just liked subtly fucking with those people, and creating a sort of alter ego or ‘bizarro riley’ version of himself. i really admired his cavalier, devil-may-care attitude towards idle conversation with strangers. i couldn’t do it myself. maybe that’s why i like that it was so easy for him.


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