up/down day

what a day. at times, i was happy and optimistic, and other times, dejected and annoyed. let’s begin.

  • woke up to our rooster crowing at 5:45 am. bad.
  • took stella for a walk, met some other cute dogs along the way. it was mostly nice weather. good.
  • tried to replace a sway bar bushing on the new-to-me nissan x-trail but it’s so rusted that every bolt i touched either stripped or sheared off. bad.
  • had a guy come buy one of the 5-string basses that i had decided to part with. good — but his max offer was $50 less than my asking price. bad. i accepted it since i have had no other interest in it in the two weeks the ad has been up, and knew that if i didn’t take the offer, i would only wait another two weeks to then have some other goon make a similar offer. decided to swallow my pride and get it over with sooner than later.
  • i had another guy coming a bit later to buy my other bass that is for sale. good.
  • while the first guy was here, we tested out the second bass and despite having worked just fine up until this point, now it was suddenly not producing any sound through the amp. i had to call the second guy and tell him not to bother coming. bad.
  • thanks to the video below, i learned how to test volume and tone pots (aka potentiometers). good.
  • i fixed the broken volume pot easily — good, but the potential buyer was no longer able to make it today and was already on his way back to the mainland. bad.
  • at this point, i was pretty disappointed with how the day was shaping up so i went back outside and put the x-trail back together. i decided to insure it tomorrow, give it a good cleaning, and put it up for sale in the next few days. i’m bummed with how this foray into a new vehicle that i was excited about has gone but i’m grateful to at least know which direction i want to go with it from here, so that was alright in the end. good.
  • then i was about to head inside when i realized i still had some daylight, so i decided to slaughter the rooster who started this day off so poorly. this wasn’t a whim though; i had been meaning to kill him for a few days now since he had started crowing in earnest, waking us up at ungodly hours. i caught him easily, which was a nice surprise, and broke his neck. but gee whiz, it was way tougher than any of the hens i’ve euthanized. probably from all that damn crowing. after that, butchering him went pretty smoothly. i offered the heart and lungs to the dog and one of the kittens but they weren’t interested, the ingrates. now the carcass of the rooster is in the freezer, awaiting the stew pot. good.

and that brings us to now. let’s raise our glasses to the rooster for a moment. his name was buddy and he was 7 months old. he was from the first batch of chicks i’ve ever kept so i feel like i should have been more attached to him but he was supremely annoying so i won’t miss him. whatever. he had a short but sweet life, with a quick, merciful ending. we should all be so lucky.

always glad to end a so-so day on a high note.


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