more coincidences

it’s been a while since i’ve experienced any “whoah that’s weird” moments but i just had two in short order.

in the first one, i received two emails from ben at 11:48 am. at that same time, my phone inexplicably tried to shut itself down and then froze while doing so. i took the battery out, put it back in, and when the phone came back to life it showed that i had three new messages from ben. but they weren’t new, they were actually from many months ago, and i had deleted them back then. weird that those texts were somehow re-sent at the same time that ben was emailing me. who or what re-sent them, and why?

in the second twilight zone experience of the day, i was in the basement sorting through some stuff when i came across the instructions for a digital voice recorder i bought about 10 years ago. shortly after i bought it, i loaned it to paul and promptly forgot about it. so i texted paul today to ask if he still had it, expecting him to say he had no idea what happened to it or that he thought he gave it back to me long ago, but he replied, “i was actually holding it last night wondering how it was that i never gave it back. can’t even remember why i borrowed it.” i haven’t asked paul how often he holds this voice recorder and gazes longingly at it but i’m guessing he probably hasn’t seen it or even thought about it in many years.

so that’s kind of neat. i wonder if these two coincidences are trying to point me towards something.


i’m inching closer to complete lunacy.


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