curse my good health

sometimes i like getting sick because it’s one of the few times i feel justified in laying around like a turd, watching movies and napping all day. normally i would be wracked with guilt if i did that but when i’m really sick, i feel like that’s exactly what i need to do. it’s great.

the problem is that i’ve been on a roll of good health for the last few years and haven’t had one of those justifiably lazy days in a long time. the last time i was really sick was january 1st, 2016. i had a flu then and felt like shit for a few days, and since then i’ve been remarkably healthy. i was a little sick just before xmas 2017 when i caught a cold that made my throat sore and my sinuses gross but i felt fine otherwise. that really sucked because it ended my streak of good health but i didn’t get the benefit of being sick enough to curl up on the couch and catch up on some flicks i want to see — lord knows i have a list of ‘the most disturbing films of all time’ that i’m trying to work through and there just doesn’t seem to be enough time in my daily life to get through it all. i could really have used a good flu then.

maybe i should find something else that lets me feel justified in unwinding. maybe i should, as the pretentious yoga hipsters say, “give myself permission” (i really hate that particular line) to relax, to take a day off. hmmm.

or maybe i should just hang out at bus stops and public pools more.


let me in there, give me a hit of that shit


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