yay, death

i don’t get why humans are always trying to save every other human on the planet. we act like people are rare and precious, like we couldn’t spare a few of the 8 billion or so of us that are already running amok here. old people near the ends of their lives, chronically and acutely ill people, people with devastating lifelong disabilities, people who don’t want to live and/or have a virtual deathwish, people who can’t be bothered to help themselves in the first place, people who have committed atrocious crimes — the list goes on. if any of those people are in a bad way and someone with the means come across them, you know that poor sap is getting their ass saved. we’re hellbent on keeping everyone alive for as long as possible.

i think it’s crazy. i think there are far too many people on the planet as is so we should be glad for them and for ourselves to let the sick, the weak, the dying et al. be at peace. i understand that every living thing has a strong will to not die but that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the right thing — i don’t think that’s a fair justification for saving every sad wretch on this planet.

as someone in a stephen king story once said: sometimes dead is better.



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