i want to understand everyone

i have a strong inclination to understand the motivation behind the actions of everyone i know, and even some people i don’t. i’m pretty much obsessed with it. for instance, how many blog posts have i made mulling over the reason people have kids? plenty. that’s just one example, of course; i also want to know why my friends choose to get married, choose not to get married, pick nicaragua as a vacation destination, buy an SUV, go back to school, invest in ETFs, stop playing drums, live in the city, take up gardening, have a cocker spaniel, watch comedies, and so on and so forth. i’m extremely curious about a lot of stuff.

sometimes jenn has been embarrassed by me asking people pointed questions about this kind of shit. at a wedding last summer, i was asking some friends why they liked montreal so much and jenn later said she thought i came off as judgemental. i was really surprised and bummed to hear that because i hadn’t meant it like that at all. i was genuinely interested in knowing what they like about the place. montreal may not be for me but i know that doesn’t mean it’s not for anyone. i don’t care that people want different things from me, i just want to know why they want different things from me. i want to see life from their perspectives.

i’m really just fascinated by people and their choices. call me whiskers.



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