everything is so fucked that it’s too overwhelming to do anything about it

i just read something about animal testing that made me ill. i fucking hate animal testing, but guess what — so does everyone else in the world. you’ll probably never hear anyone say, “i’m ok with animal testing. i support it.”


if it’s not ok to test on people, why is it ok to test on animals?

and yet, animal testing still happens constantly. why? because the majority of people don’t care enough to back their stance up. if people actually gave a shit about the issue, we would get informed, figure out what products and brands were tested on animals, and stop buying them en masse. then we would pressure science communities and governments to outlaw the practice.

depressingly, that’s not going to happen. we’re all too self-absorbed with school and work and kids and relaxing in front of the tv with a beer to spend 15 minutes reading up on what products we should avoid. then there’s the extra hassle of having to read labels to find stuff that doesn’t test on animals — that’s a lot to ask of people. i know, it’s not actually, but most people clearly think it is since they don’t do it.

i think that’s why animal testing still goes on today, even after decades of exposé after exposé and general (mild) public disapproval — people don’t like it but we don’t care enough to change our behaviours that are linked to it. as long as we keep buying shit that has been tested on animals, and as long as we fail to demand a change from our institutions, products will continue being tested in this manner.

and i think that’s the story behind most problems we face today. it’s common knowledge we should eat less meat, exercise more, pay more attention to politics, phase out fossil fuel use, abolish child slavery, treat animals humanely, disarm all nukes, yada yada, but none of us do much about any of that stuff. we give it lip service and that’s about it because we feel like we’re too busy with our own lives, or too bored by the topic, or too hopeless about actually affecting some change, to get involved with it. and with so much bad news on so many fronts, it’s overwhelming — it’s a mountain of broken shit and we have no idea where to start fixing stuff.

so we don’t even bother trying.

in short, we will always live in a world of shit because we’re overwhelmed by the magnitude of our various problems, and that makes us too apathetic to actually do anything about them.

(*edit* — i talked about this with my wife and she pointed out that more so than what i just explained here, she believes animal testing will always occur because, given a life/death choice between ending animal testing and easy access effective drugs that could save us or our loved ones from sicknesses like cancer, we will always choose our own interest. she’s right, and it’s still disgusting.)


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