stop bopping

there are few things i find as sad and embarrassing as middle aged people dancing halfheartedly. there’s something so pathetic about it, like they’re grasping at the long gone joy of their youth but don’t believe they’ll actually touch it and thus aren’t giving it a serious effort. like they’re just going through the movements because it seems like they should, but they just don’t actually care anymore. i usually see this kind of thing at small folk music shows, particularly in the daytime. that seems fitting since no sane person who isn’t on MDMA wants to dance to lame, weak, live folk music in the middle of the day.

i remember seeing my dad do this type of listless bopping at some sort of event when i was a little kid. even back then, i thought it was shameful and spineless. i think if you’re going to dance, just fucking go for it and let her rip. do what feels good, express yourself. have a good time. because doing it half-assed only makes you look like a turbo nerd who has given up on life.

i’m having a surprising bastard of a time finding an example of exactly what i’m talking about but this is close enough. picture a pub with some shitty live blues and then picture your 50-yr old parents doing this for two minutes before finding an excuse to sit down, like “wow, that was fun! i really need to sit now though, i’m getting a cramp.”


this is definitely NOT what i’m talking about but i like this gif so much, i had to add it. these guys have got some sick moves, and they’re having the time of their lives. i’ve got no problem with any of that.