You can’t trust anyone who is trying to sell you anything

Over the last year, I’ve noticed a lot more misleading marketing than I have in the past. There are two specific types of hoodwinking that I’m talking about.

The first is when an item has a big sticker or American flag logo on the tag, with big text that says, “proudly made in the USA.” But in small print underneath that it quietly adds, “with domestic and imported components.” In other words, “most of these components were made by slave labour in China, and then it was assembled by machines here in the US.”


The only thing this is a sure sign of is questionable marketing ethics.

The above graphic actually takes the deception a step further and uses ‘global’ as a euphemism for ‘imported’ — clever. Insidious.

Similarly, I’ve noticed a lot of food products now say stuff like, “made with NATURAL ingredients.”


That’s absurd. Virtually everything in the world can be called natural — I mean, coal and asbestos are natural, but that doesn’t mean they’re good for people — so it’s really a meaningless term. As such, there’s no regulation on the term ‘natural.’ You can put it on any food product you want, like Big Macs and Twinkies, and there is no regulatory body who is going to contact you and say, “wait a minute, that food isn’t natural.” Labeling food as ‘natural’ is just a way for companies to intentionally mislead the public into thinking their product is healthy, organic, pesticide-free, antibiotic-free, hormone-free, etc. Once again: total bullshit.

Basically, everyone who is looking to make a buck is willing to bend the truth as much as legally possible to make you feel better about buying their trash. Trust no one who is trying to sell you anything. They’re all shysters.


cull ’em all

humans cull various animals when they overrun areas, become rife with diseases, and generally get in the way of the things we want to do, yet we don’t employ that same strategy on ourselves. that’s hypocritical. considering the food and water shortages we are seeing our ballooning population and appetites cause in numerous parts of the world, the growing strength of common human illnesses like simple colds and flu viruses, and the rampant environmental damage we consistently cause (be it from fracking, burning coal, nuclear disasters, or otherwise), we’re clearly a massive scourge to this planet. i certainly don’t see why we shouldn’t be reining our own global populations in like we do with other creatures on this planet.



what’s really ironic about this is that the small scale damage caused by commonly culled species, like deer and coyote, obviously can’t hold a candle to the global devastation we’re guilty of. shit, we’re even polluting space with countless abandoned satellites. check out this neato gif that illustrates just how much junk we’ve got floating around up there.


i’d like to see a coyote try to pull off this level of harm.

i’m not delusional though. i’m not holding my breath for anyone to say, “you’re right, buddy. we consume, destroy, and leave far more waste than any other creature on the planet, and there’s way too many of us. time to thin the herd. let the human slaughter begin.” that’s ok. i’m confident that all the flus and noroviruses that are already killing people will continue growing stronger until they become full-blown epidemics. then i’ll finally be able to breathe sigh of relief, even if it’s my last one and it’s more of a cough due to cold.

“give me my smokestacks and cancers”

i just read about some ontario communities that don’t want wind turbine farms anywhere near them. they’re pissed that the province is apparently going ahead and putting them near them anyway.

i can understand being pissed when your government doesn’t listen to you. what i can’t understand though is opposing long overdue development of cleaner energy resources.

do some people actually prefer to keep burning coal, oil, and gas for power? if so, why? do those supporters not give a shit about the known and well-documented dangers and ridiculous amounts of pollution associated with that stuff?

the main complaints people have about wind farms is that they’re ugly, the sound is annoying, and they kill lots of birds and bats. i think those are stupid arguments since the health effects of burning coal, oil, and gas are obviously much bigger problems. regardless, since they were first introduced, turbines have become much quieter, and designers have made changes so they are safer for birds and other wildlife.

and don’t tell me that turbines are uglier than billowing clouds of pollution. i won’t even entertain that kind of idiotic statement.


lovely. i can feel my lung cancer spreading.

and guess what, all that black shit pouring out of those smokestacks kills birds and bats too. it also kills everything else on this fucking planet.

so i don’t think those ontario communities have a leg to stand on. they should get their heads out of their asses and be happy to be finally moving forward, taking real steps to leave a cleaner world for their kids.

christ, i don’t even have kids and i lose sleep over this shit.


i’ll take this over smog and smokestacks any day.