i don’t feel

i don’t feel much like blogging lately. i think it’s because i was blogging a lot for the last few weeks and burned myself out on it. for the last several days whenever i have checked in here, i’ve felt bored and annoyed, like i was just here out of some sense of obligation.

of course, that’s no fun so i’m making a point to blog less until such time as it starts feeling less forced.

however, there are a few things i want to get off my chest before receding into the abyss once again.

#1. i saw in the news that comedian kathy griffin posted a photo of herself holding donald trump’s bloody head. i don’t really care about this either way, but then i saw that old rocker ted nugent called her picture “downright vulgar, obscene and a genuine variation of a death threat.”

this is coming from the same guy who said barack obama could “suck his machine gun” and hilary clinton was a “worthless bitch” who could “ride one of his guns into the sunset.”

what a fucking hypocrite. it seems like lots of politically active people want to say incendiary things, mock people who take offense and call them “snowflakes,” and wave a flag for freedom of speech — only to cry foul when someone with a different opinion says something similarly inflammatory. it’s a bunch of bullshit. everyone should get some thicker skin, go ahead and talk shit, and not take offense when anyone else talks shit. then i’d never have to hear crowds of hypocrites calling each other snowflakes.

#2. last night i saw a well-dressed middle-aged guy, gassing up his very nice all-wheel drive volvo. his car had an “i [heart] vancouver island” sticker on it, and one of those annoying thule roof rack-mounted cargo boxes. he clearly thought he was a hardcore islander.


you know you’re a wannabe outdoor enthusiast when…

then he tossed an empty plastic jug of windshield cleaner in the trash can and drove off. i wanted to say, “i see by your car, sticker, and cargo box you’re a real outdoorsy type, so perhaps you’d be interested to know that plastic like the jug you just tossed out is being found by the ton in teeny, tiny pieces throughout the guts of fish and birds in even the most remote regions of earth. since you’re so rugged and adventurous, i thought maybe you’d like to help preserve what’s left of our rotting world by recycling that fucking jug instead of tossing it carelessly in the trash.” but instead, like a coward, i said nothing, and now i hate myself as much as i hate him.

#3. i have been thinking lately that when i’m at my most depressed, i wish i would just die and get the shit over with. conversely, when i’m at my happiest, i wish i would die so as to go out on a high note. i basically think there is never a bad time to hop off of this ride. i mentioned this to riley and he responded that this philosophy should be written in a breezy large print bestseller and promoted by oprah. i thought that was funny.

#4. i went into a lee’s famous chicken and then a tim horton’s yesterday to get junk food for a wedding party. both establishments were filled with the most wretched human vermin: hunchbacked, confused white trash; toothless drunks; mute yet incredibly rude and dismissive ESL students. it occurred to me that perhaps bill and i should go for dinner at lee’s chicken and then wash it down with a double double and some tim bits sometime, and soak in this rich cultural experience that the cowichan valley has to offer.

over and out.


where have all the hippies gone?

on a pretty regular basis, i hear older folks make comments about growing up in the 60’s and how they took part in this and that protest, how they were real flower children, and how other people talk about the 60’s but they actually lived it.

oddly, a lot of these same people are so uptight or complacent or such wasteful consumers now that i don’t see how they could have ever been part of the hippie movement. when did some of these folks make the shift from pot-smoking, acid-dropping, free-loving, war protesting hippies to bitter, judgmental, typical old fogeys? was the hippie thing a fad for them? were they just young, dumb, trend-followers at the time? did they eventually tire of fighting “the man” and accept an easier route through life? or are these folks wearing rose-tinted glasses? maybe they weren’t the hippies they claim to be, maybe they just remember themselves that way when they were actually just sitting on the sidelines, as prickly and conservative then as they are now. maybe they were just prickly conservatives who wore paisley shirts and bell bottoms.

there is an interesting story i read about roger waters of pink floyd that applies to this topic. when he was young and poor, he was a staunch communist. once he accrued great wealth, he thoroughly rejected communism and embraced capitalism. i think his political trajectory is similar to those of many who are brave and wild when they are young and have little to lose but become more cautious and accepting of the status quo once they have some nice things that they’d like to keep.

it goes without saying that not all old hippies are hypocrites. i’ve met lots of old cats that i absolutely adore who inspire me on numerous levels: to be more socially and politically aware and active, to be more open-minded, to always be young at heart. but those wonderful individuals don’t make the ex-hippies any less disappointing, and inspiring in a different way, i suppose.

“sure, i protested the vietnam war. but that was before i knew how profitable war could be.”

everything is offensive

i just saw this popular video on youtube. it’s nothing special but it’s cute. a man filmed his wife singing along with a song in the car without her knowing it. cute, fun, innocuous, right?

WRONG, it’s offensive! white people appropriating other cultures is awful and it happens all the time and white people need to LEAVE OTHER CULTURES ALONE! i learned this from the comments section under the video. i also learned that white people are stupid, black people are stupid, asian people are stupid, etc.

what about wearing a poppy on remembrance day to honour your grandfather who fought the nazis in the second world war, that’s still ok, isn’t it?

no it’s not ok! wearing a poppy means you’re a bigot and a warmonger! and not wearing a poppy means you don’t honour people who gave their lives for your very freedom, you hippie coward!


what about the new body count video, ‘talk shit get shot’? i watched it and thought it was really fucking funny.

OH WAIT, THEY ONLY SHOOT WHITE PEOPLE IN THE VIDEO. THAT’S OFFENSIVE!! THEY’RE PROMOTING VIOLENCE AGAINST WHITE PEOPLE!!! they should shoot people of all colours, ages, financial standings, sexual orientations, body types, blah blah blah.

what a fucking joke. everyone is starting fucking movements and petitions for the stupidest, most inane bullshit. i don’t give a shit about any of this stuff. wear a poppy, don’t wear a poppy, who cares. i’ll do what i believe in, you do what you believe in, and if we don’t see eye to eye then i guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree. or else we can bitch about it in the comments section of youtube videos and online news articles and start online petitions, because those are surefire ways to affect positive changes in the world.

personally, i’m going to continue to watch body count and enjoy it regardless of what the peanut gallery thinks. as long as ernie c. shoots someone, i’m having a great time.

you are responsible for being a fucking asshole

when you make a poor choice, own it. take responsibility for your actions and say yup, i really fucked up and i regret it. other people may have fucked up too and you have a right to demand that they also admit to their mistakes, but that doesn’t affect your responsibility for yourself: EVERYONE who fucked up needs to admit it, you included.

if you don’t admit to your part in a bad event or situation, you’re a fucking coward and can’t expect anyone else to act any differently.

better yet, don’t be such a bonehead in the first place. try to avoid making thoughtless, piss poor decisions.

i should have my own advice column.

i'm just so sick of all the dickheads

i’m just so sick of all the dickheads