Sad people from old bands making themselves look bad

I love the White Zombie record, La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol. 1. It’s a unique, groovy, catchy, fun, smart, and slightly unsettling album.


Fuck yeah.

A big part of what I like about this record is the drumming of Ivan De Prume. I’m not technically proficient enough with drumming to be able to explain what about his playing is so amazing, but I can sum it up and say that he has an inimitable groove. Like a lot of my other favourite drummers, he can play a simple beat but right away, it’s distinctive and stands out — his playing is extremely recognizable to me, and I love it. There’s a certain swagger and confidence to it.

So I was really bummed when he left the band, and every few years I look him up to see what he’s been doing. Today I found something really sad. It’s a clip where he talks about White Zombie and his contribution to the band with an inflated ego. Here it is.

Yeah, WZ was a big deal…25 years ago. Of course there are some aging cats like myself who still love a few of the records but I don’t think that justifies the tone De Prume takes in the above vid. Actually, I don’t think there is any accomplishment that justifies an egotistical tone, ever. I admire humble people, and am instantly put off by braggarts, regardless of what they’ve done. Bragging is annoying.

I also didn’t like how he disparages WZ’s output after he left. He merely says it doesn’t have the groove that he injected into things, and I agree with that statement 100%, but the way he says it makes it sound like more bragging. It feels like he’s implying, “Johnny Tempesta is a good drummer in his own right but I’M BETTER.”

On top of those things, I also find it sad when people clutch desperately to their accomplishments from long ago. I mean, he’s had 27 years to let go of this but it sounds like he’s still bitter about how things went down, and the success the band continued to enjoy after he left. That’s a long time to hold onto negativity.

Yet another miserable aspect to this is that the video states it contains “big news” and came out just a few weeks ago, yet it has only 22 views currently. That speaks volumes about how much the world cares about De Prume’s big news.

It’s all so embarrassing, and it sucks because this guy has had a huge positive impact on my life up until this point, but this is going to taint my memories and feelings associated with him. Bummer.

I feel similarly about David Silveria from Korn, who has a remarkably similar story: groovy, talented drummer with a distinct style who was kicked out of a big band way back when, and still gripes about it to this day, making himself look bad. It’s such a shame. I guess it must be tough to climb such mountains, only to tumble off of them and into obscurity for the rest of your life. Great highs can lead to some great lows, it seems.

Moral of the story: never succeed at anything. Intentionally hamstring and sabotage everything you do so that you avoid success. Jk, real moral of the story: I want to stay humble, no matter how many millions of records I sell and how many fans swamp me on a daily basis. I’m just a dude like you, except I’ve got an amazing blog that dictates world events. NBD. Jk again, my blog actually dictates universal events.


i’m all pumped up

i noticed a long time ago that as we get older, it gets harder and harder to get excited about stuff. i mean, kids find just about everything thrilling — playing in the sand, climbing trees, building crap with lego. but everyone grows out of that stuff and starts seeking things that are more and more complex and difficult to obtain — jet skis, tropical vacations, impressive-sounding jobs with giant salaries.

that sucks.

it sucks that we end up wanting things that are harder to get because it means we are content less of the time. we spend more time working towards pleasing things instead of actually doing pleasing things. how stupid.

but i’m pleased as punch to say that lately, i’ve been fired up about a bunch of different things. i just got into both archery and playing drums, and those are really exciting and challenging in the way that only new hobbies can be. and playing drums has got me re-pumped on playing music in general so after not touching my guitar for 6 years, i’ve been playing it like a mad bastard lately and loving it. and just last year, i got into yoga, ended up really enjoying it, and am still doing it once or twice a week now. between all that stuff, i’ve got a lot of fun new things that i get excited to do each day. i think that’s great. simple pleasures, yee-haw.

i know that this won’t last forever. there will likely come a point where i get bored of these things just like i did with climbing trees and making sandcastles but that’s ok. the fact that i’ve managed to keep finding new hobbies even at age 36 gives me hope that i will continue to do so, or even just to come back to old things i’ve put down for a while, and continue to get pumped up on simple, wonderful things.

right up till i fucking die.


that last one is going to be the most fun.