Sad people from old bands making themselves look bad

I love the White Zombie record, La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol. 1. It’s a unique, groovy, catchy, fun, smart, and slightly unsettling album.


Fuck yeah.

A big part of what I like about this record is the drumming of Ivan De Prume. I’m not technically proficient enough with drumming to be able to explain what about his playing is so amazing, but I can sum it up and say that he has an inimitable groove. Like a lot of my other favourite drummers, he can play a simple beat but right away, it’s distinctive and stands out — his playing is extremely recognizable to me, and I love it. There’s a certain swagger and confidence to it.

So I was really bummed when he left the band, and every few years I look him up to see what he’s been doing. Today I found something really sad. It’s a clip where he talks about White Zombie and his contribution to the band with an inflated ego. Here it is.

Yeah, WZ was a big deal…25 years ago. Of course there are some aging cats like myself who still love a few of the records but I don’t think that justifies the tone De Prume takes in the above vid. Actually, I don’t think there is any accomplishment that justifies an egotistical tone, ever. I admire humble people, and am instantly put off by braggarts, regardless of what they’ve done. Bragging is annoying.

I also didn’t like how he disparages WZ’s output after he left. He merely says it doesn’t have the groove that he injected into things, and I agree with that statement 100%, but the way he says it makes it sound like more bragging. It feels like he’s implying, “Johnny Tempesta is a good drummer in his own right but I’M BETTER.”

On top of those things, I also find it sad when people clutch desperately to their accomplishments from long ago. I mean, he’s had 27 years to let go of this but it sounds like he’s still bitter about how things went down, and the success the band continued to enjoy after he left. That’s a long time to hold onto negativity.

Yet another miserable aspect to this is that the video states it contains “big news” and came out just a few weeks ago, yet it has only 22 views currently. That speaks volumes about how much the world cares about De Prume’s big news.

It’s all so embarrassing, and it sucks because this guy has had a huge positive impact on my life up until this point, but this is going to taint my memories and feelings associated with him. Bummer.

I feel similarly about David Silveria from Korn, who has a remarkably similar story: groovy, talented drummer with a distinct style who was kicked out of a big band way back when, and still gripes about it to this day, making himself look bad. It’s such a shame. I guess it must be tough to climb such mountains, only to tumble off of them and into obscurity for the rest of your life. Great highs can lead to some great lows, it seems.

Moral of the story: never succeed at anything. Intentionally hamstring and sabotage everything you do so that you avoid success. Jk, real moral of the story: I want to stay humble, no matter how many millions of records I sell and how many fans swamp me on a daily basis. I’m just a dude like you, except I’ve got an amazing blog that dictates world events. NBD. Jk again, my blog actually dictates universal events.


i had a bad fucking afternoon

let me regale you with a story that is not boring or tedious at all.


here we go again.

i’ve been looking for some particular tires lately, some 185/60R15 to be precise. i finally found some on craigslist in victoria so i got in touch with the seller and made plans to go get them yesterday. so far, so good.

well, the drive down sucked. everyone was either speeding like a demon or driving so slow that i thought there was an accident ahead. plus i kept thinking about the $10 in gas the round trip to victoria costs. $10 is a lot just to get somewhere.

i finally arrived at the seller’s place and looked at the tires. they were in decent shape so i bought them, threw in my car, and started driving home. but after 5 or 10 minutes of driving, i realized i never double checked the tire size. i thought, “he listed them as 185/60R15, i’m just being paranoid.” but i pulled over and checked just to be sure, and what do you know. it turned out the seller HAD fucked up — these were 195/60R15, which are wider and taller than i wanted.

now of course i was mad at this jack off for putting the incorrect info in his ad, putting me through 2 hours of annoying driving, and wasting $10 in gas for some tires i didn’t even want, but i was more mad at myself for not checking the tire size before paying and driving off with them. why didn’t i check? because i’m a fucking stupid bastard.

already annoyed as all hell, i called the guy’s cell phone to ask if i could return the tires. no answer. i figured, “i just left his place, he was cleaning up his garage, surely he’s still there.” i got there and found he was gone. i knocked on the door, no answer. i called his wife’s #, she had no idea where he was and told me to call his cell phone. FFFFFUUUUUCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK

so i drove home with a set of tires i don’t want, very angry.

i was pissed.

but every time i started to really fume about this series of increasingly irritating events, i thought, “i have no right to be so fucking miserable. millions of people in this world don’t know when they’ll eat next, if they’ll lose their limbs to a land mine, if they’ll ever see their friends and family again, if they’ll be forced at age 12 to marry an old man, if they’ll be stoned to death by an angry mob, etc.” in the big scheme of things, my tire problem is small potatoes. very small potatoes.

i have a lot to be grateful for. correct tires may not be one of them but i’m still doing pretty good. sometimes it’s hard to remember that. if i ever get completely absorbed in my first world problems, i hope someone picks me up and dumps me in the middle of a war-torn desert country so i can learn what real fucking problems are.


i guess i’ll stick with those tires.

…and a happy festivus to all.

jenn and i hosted festivus a few nights ago and it was a fab time. saw many old friends, had lots of laughs, sang lots of karaoke, and had too much grape fanta and munchos.

munchos, or munchies to the uninitiated. bill knows what’s up.

for me, a hallmark of a great party is that i am never bored. like, while chatting with one friend, a song comes on that i want to sing or dance to so i rush off to do that, or another old face (in the good sense) walks through the door that i’m thrilled to see so i rush off to say hi, that sort of thing. when there is so much fun stuff going on that i have to buzz and flit around to try to grasp pieces of as much as i can, i know that it’s a good party.

there is a flip side to this coin, however. that flip side is that when it’s all over, i feel like i didn’t have enough time to really catch up with all the friends i don’t see often enough. what should really be a 2-hr one-on-one with an old friend is abbreviated to a 5-minute reader’s digest snippet and the next morning, i feel bummed about that. i mean, real friendships not only deserve but also require that kind of thing to keep them alive.

i know, that’s pathetic. “i didn’t have enough time at my party to chat with ALL of my friends, boo hoo.” how screamingly goth of me to bitch about great parties. but it’s true.

me on the morning after festivus. say, this gets me thinking we should do a goth-themed party sometime.

so, to all my friends who i only get a chance to speak briefly with at the parties we’ve had and will have, know that i hold you all more dearly than i can ever say. i am grateful as all hell to know so many fascinating, inspiring, hilarious, thoughtful, fun, lovely people. i frequently think about how i would be ok with dying at any given moment because i’ve had such a wonderful life so far, and our incredibly rich friend pool is probably the main reason i can make that sort of brazen proclamation.

it was another great festivus. goth love to all my friends.