grown men acting like schoolyard bullies

former UFC middleweight champion chris weidman just won a fight after three consecutive losses and now feels like he’s on top of the world so he has been calling out the current middleweight champion, michael bisping, in interviews and on social media.

i have always hated the ridiculous ‘trash talk’ aspect of MMA and sports in general but today it particularly bothered me. it came at the point that weidman made fun of bisping’s crossed eyes (a detached retina injury which bisping sustained in a UFC fight several years ago). it just seemed especially low, especially childish, making fun of someone for something they can’t help.

at that point, i thought about the fact that these are arguably two of the toughest men on the entire planet, yet here they are acting like children. it’s paradoxical, and incredibly sad that

  1. the toughest men are either authentic living stereotypes of meat head fighters, or
  2. the toughest men must lower themselves and engage in these kinds of phony public feuds in order to garner more interest in their sport.

these people are already risking their well-being and lives for sport and entertainment, and they are the best in the world — this is like the olympics. the stuff they do is incredible. people should be amazed and awed without having to buy into ridiculous WWE-like storylines about grudges and betrayals. and if they really mean some of the stuff they say, like making fun of crossed eyes, that’s even worse.

regardless of which way i look at it, it’s incredibly disappointing.


the worst part is that bisping was actually quite handsome before he turned his face into ground beef with years of fighting.


“is this annoying? yes, it is.”

i don’t like this trend i keep hearing where people ask themselves a question and then answer it. it’s so weird, like they’re both the interviewer and the interviewee. i just read an interview with MMA fighter michael bisping — who i otherwise love — where he used this technique several times. here’s the best example.

For sure there was doubt there, 100 percent. That’s why I’ve got to take this title shot. That’s why I put my name into the mix. Jacare was ahead of me. I don’t know, I’ve been here for so long, I felt like I was never going to get my shot. Whichever it came around, here we go.

Is it perfect? No. Would I have liked more time? Yes. Am I going to go out there and fight with everything I’ve got? Absolutely. I’m going to take this opportunity and I’m going to make the most out of it.

as much as i love bisping, i can’t fucking stand that question and answer thing. lots of people are doing it now. it’s like the new ‘it is what it is,’ and it’s just as bad. instead of questioning himself, he should have spoken normally and said

it’s not perfect. i would have liked more time but i’m going to go out there and fight with everything i’ve got…

but i guess it is what it is.


“is it what it is? certainly, it is what it is.”