Living daily life in a Hawaiian vacation state of mind

I’ve been to the Hawaiian island of Kauai a few times, and while I am not a fan of sun and heat, I am a huge fan of the way a lot of people there live. I’ve consistently seen folks of Kauai being kinder and more courteous than people anywhere else in North America, even in high tension situations like rush hour traffic. I’ve also seen lots of large families having get-togethers and bbq’s on the beach — they seem to really value quality time together. And I’ve seen a lot of older people being really active, like surfing and even doing sit-ups at the beach.

I think all of that is amazing. Those are things that I value greatly, and things that I feel get lost in the hectic madness of the North American world. We’re always so busy trying to get ahead, get better jobs, make more money, and buy nicer stuff, that we neglect the stuff that actually makes us happier — like being kind, spending time with people we care about, doing fun things, and staying fit and active.

But what I don’t understand is that most people go to places like Hawaii for vacations to get just a short taste of what life is like when those things are prioritized over rat race stuff. They spend a week there, relax, have a great time…and then head home and jump right back into the rat race.

If people like the pace of life while they’re on vacation in Hawaii, if they like it so much that it’s what they want to escape to when they have some time off, why don’t they just incorporate some qualities of Hawaiian/vacation living into their daily lives so they get small doses of it all the time?

I don’t know. I think probably because we don’t want to stand out from our suburban neighbours and look like some sort of lazy hippie weirdos. And I think it’s tough to change your habits. And I think most people aren’t self-aware enough to realize that they could be much happier and healthier.

Personally, I think most of us would benefit from a bit more of a Hawaiian vacation approach to our entire lives.


I looked up “family on vacation” pics and found this. Not what I had in mind but I’ll run with it.


every fucking jackoff goes camping on the weekend

this is what everyone imagines camping is going to be like: serene, beautiful, peaceful, romantic.

but this is the reality of most camping: a bunch of tubby, drunk, white trash weekend warriors jammed like sardines into a dust bowl or mud pit, stumbling about with their screaming progeny in hot pursuit.

that’s fucking bullshit. jenn and i go camping to get away from the hordes of scum we already have to see every day. we don’t want to migrate with them to the popular local campgrounds on long weekends so that we can fight gridlock traffic there and back. we don’t want to jockey with them for a spot in a jam-packed campground. we don’t want to be woken up when their kids start tearing around the fucking campsite on their bicycles at 630 am. we don’t want to put up with their drunken “wooohooooo yeah baby hahahahahahahah” commentary that begins around noon and continues till 8 pm when they finally pass out. that stuff is all the shits. when we go camping, we want to explore beautiful, quiet, unspoiled places. we want to spend quality time together. we want to actually ‘get away from it all,’ not just call it that even though it’s actually a fucking rat race, a mobile home park or suburban neighborhood transplanted to a sparsely-treed lot next to a river of mud.

so we try to go camping mid-week, off the beaten path, or even do dispersed camping (aka camping wherever you find a nice spot). we’ve happened across all kinds of awesome shit camping like this. we’ve found old crashed planes on mountains, giant caves, groves of old growth trees, waterfalls we could walk out on (very dangerous but really cool), mountain trails with incredible views, abundant wild fruit, wild animals we’ve never seen before (i saw a big porcupine near mt st helens a few years ago, which was awesome), ghost towns, lava tubes, tiny lakes teeming with fish, herds of wild horses, natural hot springs, yada yada yada. and we rarely have to deal with any dickheads, let alone many other people.

a beautiful free spot we found in south eastern oregon.

a beautiful, quiet, free spot we found in south eastern oregon.

there’s awesome shit all over the place that is free of annoying plebes, even close to home. you just have to be open to exploring and/or have a massive hate-on for the rest of the human race.