i’ve been blogging in earnest for about four years now, and this blog has been around for almost five years. and it looks like i’ve made over 500 posts in that time. that’s pretty nuts. good job on complaining about a lot of stuff, self.


“none of us thought you’d live this long.”

(*edit* — right after i posted this thing, wordpress informed me that this was exactly my 500th post. that’s incredible. what were the chances of coincidentally writing a retrospective on my 500th post? cosmic shit, very neat. anyway.)

at ben’s wedding, i was chatting with a few of my devoted followers about my blog. many, many flattering things were said, naturally. among them, dante asked me what my fave posts were. it’s hard to answer that because i honestly don’t remember most of them. there are a few posts which see a surprising amount of regular traffic that is not just my close friends checking in to make sure i haven’t killed myself yet, so i am aware of those posts. but every now and then i see some poor unwitting sap stumbles across a weird, random post i made a few years ago that i had totally forgotten about. i like to read those posts because usually, i like them just as much as any of my other posts. i usually find them honest, dark, and/or funny — all qualities i cherish. so it’s tough to pick favourites.

nonetheless, i’ve been thinking about this since dana brought it up, and decided i should sit down and actually pick a few out. there are a few that stand out to me and are obvious choices. they are

but i also have a soft spot for the very first post i ever made, because it illustrates how wickedly consistent i tend to be — five years on and i’m still pissing and moaning, going on about the environment.

of course, you could spin that the other way and say it just illustrates what a broken record i am, but fuck that. don’t be stupid. and you know what? i’ve made lots of posts and comments that have been ahead of their time. four years ago, i bitched about how stupid straws are, long before bars and restaurants stopped serving them automatically with every drink:

same thing with plastics in the ocean turning up in fish that we eat, i was ahead of the game on that one too. on a similar note, i have stated here that i am of the opinion that eating fish that are full of plastics and toxins will surely be found to contribute to the cancer epidemic we are currently witnessing because that seems obvious. but of course, all of the policy makers are waiting for years of studies to be done on the topic before any of them will actually get behind that statement and do something about it — apathetic cowards signing the death warrants of their grandchildren. so it will be a few more years before i can smugly say “i told you so” about that too.


god, i’m so fucking smart.

hey, on a lighter note, i’ll close with this post. this was when i finally started blogging more regularly and comfortably — it was a little different than what i typically do here since i was experimenting with more of classic diary entry format but the tone and overall approach are basically the same. i would say this was when i “found my voice” — or that’s what i’d say if i was a feeble fucking twit, anyway.

this was a real exercise in self-indulgence, wowee. a new low, even for me.