Something I have learned lately is to be more careful about what I text or email to people. It is way too easy to accidentally send something contentious to the wrong person, and then you’ve just dug yourself a real shit pit you’ll need to climb out of. I did it a while back when I was involved in an annoying group text. I texted one of the members of the group individually to complain about something, only to panic immediately after, concerned that I had unwittingly texted the complaint to the entire group. I almost barfed with dread. Then it happened again last night when I was joking around while texting Ben and realized that if I had accidentally sent those texts to the wrong person, someone who had no context for the content, it would be another serious shit pit.

God, in this current hyper-PC, ‘guilty before proven innocent’ court of public opinion world, you really have to tread so fucking lightly. It’s amazing this blog hasn’t got me thrown in the gulag…yet. Give it time though.

It seems the only way to keep yourself safe these days is to completely sequester yourself from society: no phones, no texting, no social media, no email. And maybe no friends or leaving the house for work or groceries, either. Maybe 100% isolation is the safest approach.

That doesn’t sound so bad, actually.


Free at last.



i have a twitter account. it doesn’t have my real name or anything attached to it, of course. i use it to voice my pleasure and disdain at various individuals i would otherwise have no means of reaching out to, like bands and UFC fighters.

but i don’t ‘follow’ anyone on twitter. i’m just not that interested in what anyone is doing. even the people i’m most interested in, i don’t want to see the latest pics of them snuggling their cat, or what they’re having for dinner, or hear their thoughts on the canucks game. to test this, i just looked at the twitter pages for a few folks i like and yup, i was bored and annoyed by their posts. so i wonder, why does anyone care about keeping up to date on any of that shit?

to me, it doesn’t matter how stunningly beautiful a person is, how much i love their art, what their political leaning is, or anything like that. no one is so fascinating, so all-consuming, that i need to ‘follow’ them. maybe i’m missing something though. maybe a lot of people just follow their friends, and use twitter like i used to use facebook, to keep in touch with pals. but i don’t know anyone who does that. everyone that i know uses twitter to either follow stars, or promote their business — both boring reasons, in my book.

fuck following anyone on twitter. i can’t think of any good reason to do so. god, social media is such a ridiculous time waster. just before people die, they should be told how many hours they spent on facebook, instagram, and twitter in their lifetime. i’d like the horror of realizing they’ve wasted so much of their lives to be one of their final memories. 


“hahaha! and to think, you did it to yourself!”

watch me start following some loudmouth on twitter next week. i’ll never admit it if i do.