i oppose weight cutting in professional sports

there’s an ongoing conversation in the MMA community about weight cutting: how to do it safely, how to curb extreme weight cuts, how many fighters have been killed or seriously hurt during weight cutting, etc. just off the top of my head, i can think of a number of notable cases where weight cutting has had life-ending or life-altering consequences: 21-yr old yang jian bing who died from weight-cutting in 2015; 26-yr old brazillian leandro souza who died in 2013; 18-yr old australian jessica lindsay who died late last year while weight cutting for a muay thai fight; 33-yr old UFC fighter uriah hall suffering a seizure and heart attack early this year; alexandre pereira silva (not sure of his age, looks about 25) who has been in a coma for two months since preparing for a fight in january of this year.

for illustration, here’s a pic of conor mcgregor weighing in at 145 lbs vs his normal healthy weight. don’t tell me the 145 lb version of him doesn’t look like someone on the brink of death, because that would be a bold-faced lie.


MMA isn’t the only sport in which weight cutting occurs, and it’s basically the same across the board: as long as an athlete can get down to the max limit of a weight class about a day before the fight, they can compete in that weight class. it doesn’t matter how much they weigh when they enter the ring. as long as they can make that limit for just a few minutes, they can compete against smaller opponents, which is of course desirable.

that’s the theory, anyway. the problem is that everyone is doing the exact same weight cutting — everyone is risking their lives, shedding about 10-15% of their body weight for weigh-ins, and then rehydrating like crazy to put that weight back on for the fight.

at this point, you’re probably asking the same question as me: if everyone is doing it, doesn’t that mean everyone ends up fighting opponents the same weight as them, thus negating the whole point of weight cutting?


now, everyone in sports that involve weight-cutting realize it’s a stupid, pointless, harmful thing, but the problem is that unless everyone stops doing it at once, the few who continue to cut weight will have that size advantage when they get in the ring. and getting thousands upon thousands of athletes on board with a huge shift within their culture is a virtually impossible feat. in light of this, some agencies are attempting to curb weight cutting or make it safer — a few examples are having weigh-ins at certain times of day to allow more time for rehydration before competing, making recommendations about whether a fighter should move up a weight class based on their weight on the day of the fight — but i’m not satisfied with any of the solutions that i’ve heard of so far. it’s all just attempting to polish a turd. weight cutting is still weight cutting, and it’s still a grueling, needless process. 

in case you’re wondering what an uneducated, inexperienced lummox like myself suggests as a solution to weight cutting, here it is: ban it. any athlete competing in a sport that involves weight classes should be weighed by a governing body once or twice every month (or something like that — any time frame that would not allow athletes weight to vary wildly), regardless of whether that fighter is scheduled to compete in the near future or not. as long as the athlete is licensed to compete, they should always be within a small window of their weight class. for example, if i fight in the middleweight division at 185 lbs, my weight should always be within a range of, say 180-190 lbs. this would mean that everyone in my division would be fighting people their own size, and it would prevent athletes from shedding dangerous amounts of weight to make limits. then i can safely make the 185 lb limit the day before the fight.

some might argue that weighing athletes on such a regular basis isn’t feasible, but it was also said that testing for steroids in the UFC wasn’t feasible, yet they now have a fairly strong, decent system for doing just so. it would take time to work out the details of a new weigh-in system, and then the kinks once it was in practice, but it’s absolutely possible.

i imagine a lot of professional athletes would think i’m crazy for suggesting such a system (like dominick cruz, who seems to have a hard-on for weight cutting and jumps to its defense whenever the topic comes up) but i think they’re crazier for continually risking their lives and health over a moot point.


change it before more people die for a fucking sport.


grown men acting like schoolyard bullies

former UFC middleweight champion chris weidman just won a fight after three consecutive losses and now feels like he’s on top of the world so he has been calling out the current middleweight champion, michael bisping, in interviews and on social media.

i have always hated the ridiculous ‘trash talk’ aspect of MMA and sports in general but today it particularly bothered me. it came at the point that weidman made fun of bisping’s crossed eyes (a detached retina injury which bisping sustained in a UFC fight several years ago). it just seemed especially low, especially childish, making fun of someone for something they can’t help.

at that point, i thought about the fact that these are arguably two of the toughest men on the entire planet, yet here they are acting like children. it’s paradoxical, and incredibly sad that

  1. the toughest men are either authentic living stereotypes of meat head fighters, or
  2. the toughest men must lower themselves and engage in these kinds of phony public feuds in order to garner more interest in their sport.

these people are already risking their well-being and lives for sport and entertainment, and they are the best in the world — this is like the olympics. the stuff they do is incredible. people should be amazed and awed without having to buy into ridiculous WWE-like storylines about grudges and betrayals. and if they really mean some of the stuff they say, like making fun of crossed eyes, that’s even worse.

regardless of which way i look at it, it’s incredibly disappointing.


the worst part is that bisping was actually quite handsome before he turned his face into ground beef with years of fighting.


i have a twitter account. it doesn’t have my real name or anything attached to it, of course. i use it to voice my pleasure and disdain at various individuals i would otherwise have no means of reaching out to, like bands and UFC fighters.

but i don’t ‘follow’ anyone on twitter. i’m just not that interested in what anyone is doing. even the people i’m most interested in, i don’t want to see the latest pics of them snuggling their cat, or what they’re having for dinner, or hear their thoughts on the canucks game. to test this, i just looked at the twitter pages for a few folks i like and yup, i was bored and annoyed by their posts. so i wonder, why does anyone care about keeping up to date on any of that shit?

to me, it doesn’t matter how stunningly beautiful a person is, how much i love their art, what their political leaning is, or anything like that. no one is so fascinating, so all-consuming, that i need to ‘follow’ them. maybe i’m missing something though. maybe a lot of people just follow their friends, and use twitter like i used to use facebook, to keep in touch with pals. but i don’t know anyone who does that. everyone that i know uses twitter to either follow stars, or promote their business — both boring reasons, in my book.

fuck following anyone on twitter. i can’t think of any good reason to do so. god, social media is such a ridiculous time waster. just before people die, they should be told how many hours they spent on facebook, instagram, and twitter in their lifetime. i’d like the horror of realizing they’ve wasted so much of their lives to be one of their final memories. 


“hahaha! and to think, you did it to yourself!”

watch me start following some loudmouth on twitter next week. i’ll never admit it if i do.

go to hell. meet me there.

i was supposed to have this weekend off.

i was looking forward to a quiet weekend at home, training our new dog, playing bass, and watching UFC. but this morning i woke up to find a bunch of missed calls from work on my phone. it turns out that some jerk “hurt their neck” at 1 am on a friday night and wouldn’t be able to work on saturday morning. bull fucking shit. more like someone was out late, most likely partying, and didn’t want to get up early and come to work hung over.

but that sort of poor planning and cowardly lying is beside the point. my point is that work asked me to come in and i didn’t want to but i did anyway. not because i have any sort of pride in or dedication to my employer though. i think that is the wrong reason to make sacrifices for work because, in my experience, most employers will not make the same sacrifices for you. and they will not remember those times you gave up shit to keep the ship afloat. in the end, you will only end up bitter at the short memories and lack of gratitude. i’m bitter enough as it is so i don’t need to keep feeding that fire.

so when i decided to come into work today, it was not because of loyalty to my career or my employer. whatever. i have no romanticized notions of workplace heroics. this job is just something i do so i can afford to keep living. the reason i can came to work today was solely to help out my co-workers who i know will remember this and appreciate it. i like (most) of my co-workers and they do the same for me in similar situations so when i think about it that way, i don’t mind.

but man, i can’t wait to retire. working sucks. there are so many other more pleasant things i’d rather be doing.

dana white is no one’s friend

i’m tired of people being surprised when dana white of the UFC flips from being supportive and positive about one of his fighters to cutting them down. i mean, 1) he’s a businessman, first and foremost, and 2) this is an established pattern for him. so no one should be shocked.

most recently, he’s been talking about what a “drama queen” the current welterweight champion (tyron woodley) is, and how he would be a way bigger star if he’d stop talking about race issues. but just a few weeks ago, they were at the super bowl together, taking selfies and posting them on social media. so the MMA world is talking about what a hypocrite white is, doing an about face on one of his champions.

but this isn’t anything new. i remember the first time i noticed it was about 4 or 5 years ago when white had a huge boner for frankie edgar. i remember him calling edgar a “stud,” a real scrapper, and talking about how much he loved him. at the time, i had the impression that white and edgar had some sort of warm father/son dynamic. but as time went on, white became very blase about edgar, even going so far as to promise him a title shot a year or two ago and then simply giving that shot to other fighters. edgar was understandably pissed and made comments to the media about the situation. i was pretty surprised at the time.

but then i continued to see the same story arc with other fighters. benson henderson was the lightweight champ for a while and put on some amazing performances which white lauded. then when henderson’s contract was finished and it was time to negotiate a new one, henderson and the UFC couldn’t come to an agreement and henderson eventually signed with bellator. and that was when white started talking to the media about how washed up and on the decline henderson was.

he did it with his pal nick “the tooth” who was part of white’s reality tv show, ‘looking for a fight.’ white talked about how crazy and awesome “the tooth” was and what good friends they were, but then they had a disagreement about some footage that was filmed for the show, and white threw nick off the show and replaced him with someone else. i haven’t heard of nick “the tooth” since. what great friends they must have been.

same thing with conor mcgregor. mcgregor has obviously been white’s golden child for a while now but when mcgregor recently said he would box floyd mayweather with or without the UFC’s blessing, white threatened that “if [mcgregor] wants to go down that road with us, let me tell you, it will be an epic fall.” past successes be damned, white isn’t about to give even his most lucrative employees that much leash.

the list goes on and on. GSP, cain velasquez, anderson silva, johny hendricks — all guys he hyped up as dudes he had great relationships with who were also phenomenal fighters, who he later downplayed as babies, over the hill, full of lousy performances, etc.

now, i don’t entirely blame dana white for this behaviour — shit, he’s running a massive, very successful company, and you don’t do that well by being best friends with and doing favours for all your employees. and that’s where the problem lies: he should stop acting like he’s best pals with all of them. well, he should if he’s interested in being a respectable, honourable person. but i don’t think he cares about that. i think he cares about making money, and i think that creating drama within the UFC makes for more news articles and publicity which ultimately sell more tickets and pay-per-views. i think he knows all this so i don’t see his behaviour changing.

in which case, all his fighters and employees need to wise up and quit biting at white’s fucking bait. god, people are dumb.

ronda rousey is actually the only fighter he’s been supportive of even when she’s lost fights and done no publicity for those fights. he has said numerous times that they are very close friends and blah blah blah, the usual bullshit, but i’m just waiting for that veil to drop too. give it time, because you know it will. dana white has no honour and anyone who thinks rousey is an exception to the rule is naive and deluded.


he obviously wants to fuck her so badly that he’ll put up with more from her than anyone else. but as soon as she can’t make him boatloads of money or becomes too much of a pain in the ass, he’ll trash her like he does everyone else. mark my words.

feeling…good. for now.

after feeling oddly shitty at the start of january 2017, i’ve actually been feeling pretty good lately. there’s a lot of stuff i’ve felt pumped or even grateful for. in fact, i was just listening to led zeppelin’s ‘III’ album and enjoying it so much that i felt like making a list of things i like, things that make me happy. here it is.

  1. led zeppelin
  2. cookies
  3. the satisfaction i feel after doing some house cleaning
  4. playing bass in standard tuning
  5. sim city for SNES
  6. tetris, obv
  7. real winter weather, like snow and sub-zero temperatures
  8. driving my 4wd corolla wagon in the snow
  9. meeting interesting seniors at work (there are interesting non-seniors every now and then too but seniors are usually more sensible and calm, and have a deeper pool of life experiences to talk about)
  10. chickens
  11. our dog, cat, horse, and goat
  12. camping/road trips/exploring with jenn
  13. getting xmas and birthday gifts for jenn that are both a surprise and a big hit
  14. rick and morty
  15. the wonder years
  16. twin peaks
  17. getting a great night of sleep
  18. dreams
  19. lucid dreams
  20. experiencing crazy premonitions
  21. dancing to 80’s and disco hits
  22. sointula, BC
  23. shawnigan lake
  24. UFC
  25. watching UFC with pals
  26. burgers
  27. having so many outstanding old friends
  28. the seasons
  29. watching films that really knock my dick into the dirt
  30. seeing our fruit trees thrive in the spring
  31. carving jack-o-lanterns
  32. coming home after a few weeks away
  33. quitting time at work
  34. retro furniture and housewares
  35. swimming at the fish ladders with pals
  36. working out/exercising in general
  37. screaming and growling

…to name but a few.

jon anik sucks

i’ve bitched about UFC commentator mike goldberg before but i think jon anik is even worse.



anik is like goldberg jr, an even stupider, even sillier commentator. he rips off the other commentators, but he doesn’t even use his ripped off material correctly. for example, in joe rogan’s post fight interviews, he sometimes tells fighters it’s been an honour to call their fights. but of course, rogan reserves this kind of talk for legends and veterans of the sport like ronda rousey — whereas anik has started saying it to fucking anyone. i just heard him say it to jorge masvidal. masvidal. who? that’s right. masvidal is that guy who has lost a bunch of boring, lackluster fights by decision in the UFC. as if it’s not bad enough ripping off joe rogan, why would anik say such a stupid thing to a fighter like masvidal? that comment doesn’t even make sense.

i also hate how he tries to amplify the emotions of a given moment, and how poorly he does it. when he finishes a post fight interview with the winner of a fight, he gets loud — sort of, a little bit — and makes his voice a little rough…but not too rough, because he doesn’t want to have a sore throat tomorrow. it’s like ‘excitement lite,’ and it totally kills anything exciting about that moment. but tonight after talking with jake ellenberger about losing his fight with masvidal due to a weird technical issue with the fence, anik said ellenberger’s name with a soft, sad, quiet voice, like someone’s pet just died and he was trying to show sympathy. it was ridiculous. it’s like anik thinks his audience is a bunch of 8 yr old kids, like he’s a character on the fucking doodlebops. “ok kids, let’s put on our sad faces now.”


i’d actually like him more if he dressed like this.

come on man, grow up. know your audience. stop talking like a fucking idiot.

better yet, he should stop talking altogether. i hope the new UFC owners fire his ass asap.