grown men acting like schoolyard bullies

former UFC middleweight champion chris weidman just won a fight after three consecutive losses and now feels like he’s on top of the world so he has been calling out the current middleweight champion, michael bisping, in interviews and on social media.

i have always hated the ridiculous ‘trash talk’ aspect of MMA and sports in general but today it particularly bothered me. it came at the point that weidman made fun of bisping’s crossed eyes (a detached retina injury which bisping sustained in a UFC fight several years ago). it just seemed especially low, especially childish, making fun of someone for something they can’t help.

at that point, i thought about the fact that these are arguably two of the toughest men on the entire planet, yet here they are acting like children. it’s paradoxical, and incredibly sad that

  1. the toughest men are either authentic living stereotypes of meat head fighters, or
  2. the toughest men must lower themselves and engage in these kinds of phony public feuds in order to garner more interest in their sport.

these people are already risking their well-being and lives for sport and entertainment, and they are the best in the world — this is like the olympics. the stuff they do is incredible. people should be amazed and awed without having to buy into ridiculous WWE-like storylines about grudges and betrayals. and if they really mean some of the stuff they say, like making fun of crossed eyes, that’s even worse.

regardless of which way i look at it, it’s incredibly disappointing.


the worst part is that bisping was actually quite handsome before he turned his face into ground beef with years of fighting.


road rage is bullshit

i was just reading about a woman in edmonton who honked at a car stopped in the middle of the road and drove around it, only to have that car follow her home. there, the driver got out and attacked the woman with a crowbar. both her arms were broken so police imagine the attacker was swinging for her head, and she had her arms up to defend herself.

he was trying to kill her for honking her horn.


i’m on a gif kick. and a lifelong tom cruise kick.

this sort of thing doesn’t happen at the grocery store when someone gets in your way with their shopping cart, and i think we need to ask what the difference is.

i think the biggest reason people are more prone to violence while driving is that being in a vehicle gives people a sense of disconnection from what they see on the other side of the glass: the vehicle is a barrier between a person and the world around them. put other people in other cars, and that’s another barrier between two people. i think this allows people to feel quite removed from the reality of a situation — it’s like people being rude bastards on internet forums and comments sections when they’re actually normal, decent people in real life. when we’re not face to face with other people, we can be real pricks.

that lack of connection with reality shouldn’t happen in the first place, and at the very least, it should disappear by the time someone gets out of their car with a crowbar. at that point they should think, “good grief, what am i doing? am i a killer? does this person deserve death for honking their horn at me?” but if someone has

  • kept a crowbar in their car for just these types of incidents,
  • followed another person home,
  • and hopped out of their car with said crowbar in hand,

then maybe they feel like there’s no turning back now. or maybe they’ve allowed themselves — in essence, chosen — to indulge in this adrenaline rush and thirst for blood. i personally believe the latter scenario is the most common.

it’s so fucked up. unless we find a way to make people feel more connected to those around them while driving, we’re not going to find a way to curb road rage. so i think anyone found guilty of it shouldn’t be allowed to drive, simple as that. they aren’t reasonable and rational enough to handle it.


make them all take the bus. better yet, have a bus dedicated to transporting road rage offenders. it would be like a traveling thunderdome from mad max. they’d eventually kill each other so it would both rid us of the violent SOB’s and provide top notch entertainment for the public. two birds with one stone.

i’m feeling torn on MMA lately.

i love MMA but lately i’ve been feeling worse and worse about the vicious injuries some fighters have sustained or even died from, and the chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) that all fighters are doubtlessly working on. that stuff just doesn’t sit well with me.

this has been on my mind because of bellator fighter jordan parsons, who was killed in a hit and run accident and then found to have CTE in the autopsy. he was only 25 and already his brain was irreparably shriveled and damaged.

and former UFC fighter antonio ‘bigfoot’ silva who has been brutally knocked out 9 times in career — certainly a candidate for CTE if ever there was one.

and portuguese fighter joao carvalho who died 48 hrs after an MMA fight due to cerebral bleeding.

and yang jian bing who died while dehydrating himself in order to make weight for his flyweight fight.

and bellator fighter ‘cyborg’ santos who had his forehead literally smashed in.



the fact is, MMA costs many participants their bodies, brains, and lives, so as much as i enjoy the pure, distilled sporting nature of one-on-one, hand-to-hand combat (i believe it’s the only sport that truly matters), i feel like i am preying on the people who do the fighting. i feel like they are chasing fleeting, petty goals and are blind to the enormous risks they are taking. i mean, how could anyone be willing to risk inflicting CTE and the violence routinely associated with it on themselves and their families? is that worth trading a championship belt or the pitiful money that most MMA fighters make?

i don’t think anything is worth throwing away your health, your future, so i feel guilty being a fan and consuming this life and death game as mere entertainment. of course all the fighters are grown adults, capable of making their own foolish decisions, and they’d likely do the same shit whether i watched MMA or not, but that’s little consolation. i still feel horrible about it.


double yuck

jon jones is scum

i’ve been watching ariel helwani’s interview with jon jones, the first interview jones has done since he DUI’d, hit a pregnant woman, fled the scene, came back to grab stuff from his vehicle, and fled again. he pleaded guilty to the charges laid against him, got some community service, and was also suspended by the UFC and stripped of his title as champion. big whoop.

i don’t believe a god damn word this man says. he’s been busted before for a previous DUI and cocaine use, plus he got in an altercation with another fighter at a promotional event, and every time he gets himself in these stupid situations he acts humbled and wiser for the learning opportunity…but he just keeps getting himself in hot water. so i don’t believe him when he says he’s really turned a corner in his life this time.

i also don’t believe him when he says he wasn’t drunk at the time of the hit-and-run, that he was just tired.

i don’t believe him when he says the accident occurred in the middle of the day.

i don’t believe him when he says he ran because he knew he smelled like booze from the night before and was scared the police wouldn’t believe he was just tired.

i don’t believe him when he says he didn’t run back to the car for money since all his money is in savings — if he wasn’t thinking straight, like he claims, why would he be so rational about cash? that’s inconsistent. and on top of that, rich drunks who flee accident scenes need cash just as much as the next fugitive.

i don’t believe him when he says he got a friend to take him to a hotel and talk to his lawyer before calling the police, “like any normal person would do” — personally, if i was involved in a car accident, i would stay at the scene, help injured people, wait for the police, and tell them what happened. i think THAT’S normal.

want to know what i do believe? i believe jones drove drunk and stoned like a fucking idiot, hit another vehicle, thought “holy shit, i’m drunk and stoned, if i get busted i’m fucked,” fled the scene, thought “holy shit, i left that pipe full of grass in there, if i get busted for that i’m really fucked,” ran back to get it, decided to grab the cash in the vehicle while he was there since he may need it in the coming hours, called a friend, got a hotel room, called his lawyer, and killed enough time that there was no way anyone could prove he was drunk at the time of the accident…and THEN turned himself in.

in short, i believe that jon jones is lying scum.

he is a phenomenal fighter but i believe he’s a selfish, destructive, delusional train wreck of a human being that should be in jail, just like anyone else would be if they committed the same crimes as him. money talks though, i suppose.

i wonder if jones has that swiss cheese brain thing that all the football and WWE guys get from repeated concussions. that might explain his consistent fucked up behaviour.


jones should volunteer to get a CT scan of his brain done, just to rule it out. he’s that fucked.

irreconcilable differences

i keep reading about movie and music stars and their dramatic, troubled love lives. i find it all really disheartening. it seems like every star has been married at least 3 times, engaged another 3 separate times, and has multiple kids with multiple partners.

nuff said. and yuck, btw

when i say it like that, i imagine white trash living in trailer parks. it’s crazy that i’m actually talking about some of the most revered, wealthy, and recognized people in the world. rich white trash, indeed.

maybe that’s why the poor trash live like that. maybe they’re emulating the rich and famous people they see on tv. i think more than likely though, no one is emulating anyone else. they’re all probably just equally emotionally fucked up.

i understand that a lot of hollywood marriages are supposedly pure facade, just career moves to keep their names in the public spotlight so their music and films sell better, but i believe most of them are legit. i think most of them are people really trying to find love and a life partner, and they are actually failing miserably at it. there are a few reasons i believe this.

  1. a fair amount of the marriages and engagements i’m reading about are to nobodies, and marrying a nobody doesn’t help a career out.
  2. i think most stars are totally out of touch with reality due to being coddled by everyone around them. if all of your friends and family were sucking your dick 24-7 in the hopes of borrowing some money from you or making it into your will or being invited on vacation with you, you would certainly be emotionally stunted by it. i think it’s rare that people can live in that world and not be affected by it, and even more rare that stars are able to control their personal lives so tightly as to not allow any leech scum into their sphere.
  3. i don’t believe people are so dishonest as to have multiple sham weddings and relationships. i should believe it. i mean, i think a lot of non-stars relationships are shams too. couples that lie to and cheat on each other have sham relationships, it’s just a different shade of sham. but the idea of talking with managers about who is hot right now, who could really help catapult my name to the cover of US and people again, of spending years with a person that i don’t really care about, of having kids with that same person i don’t care about…someone would have to be a right fucked sociopath to wear that mask for so long. and as much as i hate people and believe the worst about many of us, i just don’t think many people have the diligence or work ethic to keep that up and pull it off. so i don’t think many would sign up for it in the first place. or maybe they sign up for it, realize it sucks, and that’s why they divorce so quickly? maybe the line between manufactured relationships and real life emotions gets blurred, maybe it’s only contrived as far as stars can handle it, and then reality boils to the surface and the whole thing falls to shit.

hollywood relationships are a lot like pro wrestling, actually.

whatever. regardless of why it happens, i think it’s fucked up and don’t like it. i like real life and real people.

mcgregor is smart. his fans are stupid.

i don’t hate conor mcgregor. his schtick got old the second he started doing it (which was only several fights after he joined the UFC — he was confident before this but never pulled any of the ridiculous hyperbole or ‘i’m a wild man’ stuff) so i can’t stand to listen to him, but conor knows that this phony loud-mouthed, brash, ignorant character he has created is a huge marketing hit, so he’s running with it. i can’t hold that against him. i might do the same thing if i stood to make hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of dollars from it. and he is a great fighter, there is no doubt. #3 featherweight? now that’s still pretty dubious considering who he has fought so far, but he’s very good, for sure.

throwing darts at, tearing up, and eating a picture of his opponent. wow, this guy must be crazy.

i think what bothers me the most about mcgregor are the legions of idiots following him, eating up his pathetic bravado and lies. grabbing the belt from the champion, leering in the champ’s face, eating a picture of the champ in a pub, talking about riding into the champion’s town on horseback and slaughtering him like the peasant he is…this is really stupid stuff. this is WWE stuff. some people might find it entertaining and i guess that’s fine even though i think it’s trash, but a lot of people actually believe this shit. they believe mcgregor when he says he is without a doubt the best fighter in the world, despite having only one win over an impressive opponent so far. they believe him when he says that aldo backed out of the championship fight because he was scared to fight mcgregor, despite doctors and x-rays confirming aldo had a fractured rib and was unable to fight.

good grief.

now UFC is trying to promote mcgregor’s fight with chad mendes for the interim featherweight title, and mendes is getting sucked into mcgregor’s silly antics as well, as shown below. their exchange starts around the 3:00 mark.

i wonder why sane people don’t call conor on his bullshit more instead of responding to whatever absurd things he’s saying at the moment. if i were an interviewer or an opponent of mcgregor’s, i would disregard his “i’m going to tear him limb from limb” stuff and seek honest, bullshit-free answers to questions like

  • how can mcgregor claim to be the best when his last fight was against a man who was then ranked like #13?
  • what about the fact mcgregor has yet to face a top 3 contender?
  • what about the fact mcgregor has only 5 fights in the UFC, while all his other wins are over totally unknown men?
  • what about the fact aldo was actually not cleared to fight, and does in fact have a fractured rib? if mcgregor is so supremely confident in his skills, wouldn’t he want the champion in good health for their fight so there could be no doubt that, if mcgregor won, his win would be legitimate and not the result of fighting a handicapped opponent?

of course no one would be able to get a straight answer out of mcgregor. he would continue saying whatever it takes to get his minions all fired up, but it sure would be nice if someone would actually address these obvious inconsistencies that undermine everything he says.

maybe i should get a twitter account.

“hi, mr mcgregor? this is david. i just wanted to tell you are very good at giving the people what they want. it’s just unfortunate that what the people want is pro-wrestling drama and bullshit. also, as it stands you are talented but still a fraud. i want to see some wins over serious opponents to legitimatize your ridiculous claims. cheerio then.”