hell in an overflowing handbasket

here i go again, reading the news and getting upset. this is becoming an unpleasant trend.

today i learned that by 2025, 1 in 5 adults on the planet will be obese.

and this, amidst food shortages, droughts, and monsanto controversies.

i know there are lots of fun facts behind the obesity epidemic, like ‘poor people eat garbage food because it’s one of the few luxuries they can afford,’ and that to truly treat the problem we must get to the root of these issues, but i just don’t give a shit sometimes.

get self-actualized, self-empowered, or whatever you want to call it. take responsibility for your miserable fucking life. be aware of why you do things, and change stuff if you give a shit about it. but don’t blame you being fat on financial or social inequality. that’s only a small piece of the puzzle. you and your personal choices are a much larger piece (no pun intended).


$10 says they’re not eating a salad.

on a happier note, i was just listening to some new music. i gave several things spins, and didn’t like any of it. i thought, “i must be in a bad mood.” but then i put on a live version of type o negative’s my girlfriend’s girlfriend, and i fucking loved it. still great after all these years. i actually like this version more that the album one. i love how steele sings the “walking hand in hand down king’s highway-ee-ay-ee-ay-ee-ay-ee/two for one today” line. beautiful.

so there. i’m not just purely miserable. i’m miserable AND most everything sucks. at least i have type o.


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